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About Divorce Court Judge Faith Jenkins

Judge Faith Jenkins is one of the most famous divorce court judges in the country. She has been dealing with divorce for over a decade. Come learn more about the judge and her journey to become Judge Faith Jenkins.

She began her career as a paralegal in 2000 and then became a judge in 2006.
Currently, she is one of the highest-rated divorce court judges in the country.
So, here are some interesting facts about him and his journey to becoming a judge.

Life before the race:

Faith Jenkins was born on October 23, 1970 and her birth name is also Faith Jenkins. Her mother named him after her father. She grew up with her family in Chicago, Illinois. She is the third child of her parents and has an older sister. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the university in 1993.

Her first job of the year was as a paralegal.

She later became a law professor at Indiana University. She had been teaching at Indiana University for three years when she got her first shot at Judge of the Year.
She became a judge after receiving a unanimous vote from the Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission.

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Faith Jenkins began her career as a judge in 2014
Since then, she has been dealing with divorce and has been ranked as one of the top divorce court judges in the country.

Her first job in her year was as a paralegal.

She worked for various law firms and also taught law for a short time. After that, she became a judge.
In 2017, she was appointed Chief Justice of the Northern District of Indiana Family Court Division.


Judge Faith Jenkins graduated from Indiana University in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. When it comes to education, she graduated from Indiana University in 1993 with a BA in English Literature.


Faith Jenkins likes to read and write poetry. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Omicron Pi. Her favorite movies are “The Breakfast Club”, “Election”, “The Princess Bride”, “Stand by Me”, “The Princess Bride”, “Titanic”, “Lucky Number Slavin'” and “Pulp Fiction”.
Her interests include reading, writing, and poetry. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Omicron Pi.

Personal life:

She was married but her husband died in 2003 due to cancer. She later remarried in 2006 and her second marriage was also successful. She is very close to her family members.


He is an award-winning judge, ranked as one of the top divorce court judges in the country. In 2016, he won the Indiana Supreme Court’s “Outstanding Service Award.”
He also won the “Best Family Law Judge” award in 2015, the “Best Judge” award in 2013, and the “Most Innovative Judge” award.

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He was also named “Best Judge” in 2013,

Why did Faith Jenkins leave ‘Divorce Court’?

Divorce Court is the longest running court program for a reason. In addition to allowing parties to voice their grievances, the show also serves as a warning to many couples. People have quarreled over parenting, finances, and other marital issues over the years. While most judges simply pass sentences, Judge Faith Jenkins provides viewers with important advice and hilarious banter.

Judge Faith Jenkins debuted as the face of the series in August 2020 and has had a stellar run ever since. As a result of Faith’s decision to leave the show, many are certain that something is going on behind the scenes. Not to mention the fact that she will be replaced by Star Jones.

Ever since news of Judge Faith leaving divorce court began circulating on social media, people have been searching for answers. While some believe her contract may have expired, others suspect something else may have played a role. Vishwas’ involvement in a new show appears to be a foregone conclusion.

If you follow Judge Faith on Twitter, you probably know that the 45-year-old is pursuing a career as an executive producer. Faith Jenkins announced on Twitter on January 6, 2022, that she would not only be bringing her hosting skills to the Oxygen Network but that she would also serve as executive producer of the new show Killer Relationships with Faith Jenkins.

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