What Are the Reasons Why are smart homes so popular?TECHNOLOGY 

What Are the Reasons Why are smart homes so popular?

How modern technology is ingrained in our daily lives.

The development of technology in the last decade has been amazing. All of our life’s work is suddenly merged into homes technology. We as human beings are now used to the convenience of technology and we can’t work with it anymore, why should we? Life has become easier. Technology is used in every aspect of our lives…including the walls of our bedrooms.

Smart homes are a luxury we wish we could all afford. But before we go into details about smart homes, let us understand what smart homes are.

A smart home is a home that has computer-controlled heating, lighting, electronic devices, and technology. You can also connect all your home controls to your smartphone. Imagine that you are asking an app on your phone to open the door for you.

Why do people prefer smart houses?

The smart home device concept was first invented in 1975. The first smart home was invented in the 2000s and quickly gained popularity among the elite. Technology since its birth has been excellent and highly demanded. Why are smart homes so popular?


A smart home gives you a sense of security like nothing else. With a smart home, you don’t need to set up any security systems. Efficient technology notifies your device of any unusual activity instantly. Most smart home owners have commented that one of the best benefits of a smart home is the sense of security the technology brings.

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The second best advantage of a smart home is convenience. Laziness is human nature and we are human after all. We like to be lazy and let smart homes be us. It’s hard not to love technology when every home and appliance (even the doors) is controlled by your smartphone.

Motion detection.

In smart homes, motion detectors are installed everywhere in the house. Any unusual activity is notified to you immediately. This is great not only for security purposes but also for monitoring your children. Enjoy a carefree day at work when you know your home is taking care of your children!

Smart bathroom.

The scariest part of the day for an Australian is taking a shower on a cold morning when the temperature drops below 5°C. Smart bathrooms are very beneficial and monitor every part of the bathroom. Just get the device that’s right for you and smart home technology will take care of everything for you. Click here for the most suitable heated towel rail in Australia for smart home technology.


Australia’s weather can be unpredictable. Smart homes provide you with weather forecast reports in advance and adjust the temperature of the house before giving instructions. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, the moment you enter your smart home, you’ll forget about the outside temperature.

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Smart homes allow you to monitor your home anywhere in the world. Single parent and need to leave for an emergency in the middle of the night? Do not worry. Your smart home is monitoring your baby while giving you a live feed of the house. Smart Home notifies you and the nearest police station in case of any strange movement.

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