Purple Jeans - Try All the Different StylesFASHION 

Purple Jeans – Try All the Different Styles

With the growth of the fashion market, many new fashion brands have emerged. Over the past few decades, many different styles of jeans have emerged. ‘Jeans’ are called denim pants and are equally popular with both genders. These have been in style for a long time, although new styles and designs are always in the news.

The following are some types of jeans that jeans lovers would like to know about:

Tight jeans

Also known as skinny jeans, old school hooded jeans, carrot leg pants, and ice cream cone pants, these skinny jeans are skinny pants that taper to the bottom of the ankles. These jeans may not suit all body shapes; The most recommended body figures for these jeans are tall women and slim women with small hips. These are best when paired with high heels or knee-high boots. Purple skinny jeans are very trendy this summer season.

Boot cut

It is often confused with the flared cut but is less spaced at the ankle. These jeans are slimmer in the thigh area, while they go below the knees and flare out to the ankles; The reason they are shaped this way is that the wearer’s shoes must fit without lumps.

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Straight cut

As the name implies, these jeans have a straight cut, which means that the circumference of the leg is uniform from the hips to the ankles. It is slim, fits perfectly at the waist and does not protrude at the bottom. These tend to be a bit slimmer at the ankle, so before you try to buy them, make sure you can wear them.


These wide-leg pants are baggy below the knee (bell-shaped) and are slightly slimmer through the thighs and hips.

Flared cut

It’s a mix of bootcut and flared pants. It’s a bit more fitted than the bootcut and is more or less like a flared pant from the knees to the ankles. Worn below the natural waist, this style is very popular and trendy for all occasions.

Boyfriend jeans

This style includes all loose and baggy jeans.

You can read more information before you buy Purple Skinny Jeans

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