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Know About the Steps of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

A woman can benefit from breast augmentation for a number of reasons. Some moms-to-be want to return to their pre-pregnancy weight after breastfeeding. Some breast cancer survivors may consider this part of their breast reconstruction. Many others want to increase the size of their breasts for a variety of reasons including physical, psychological and emotional.

Five Stages of Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the size, shape or fullness of the breasts. This involves placing breast tissue or breast implants under the pectoral muscles. Breast augmentation is a way for many women to feel more confident. For others, it is a necessary part of breast reconstruction due to various conditions. This is one of the most common procedures and usually gives good results.

A breast lift and augmentation surgery can be done in a surgical centre or as an outpatient procedure in a hospital. The procedure rarely requires a hospital stay. You will need to meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss your desired breast size, feel and appearance preferences.

Here are the five main steps involved in the breast augmentation surgery procedure:

  1. Application of Anesthesia
    During the surgical procedure, you will be given medicines to help prevent any discomfort. Your doctor will advise you on the appropriate course of action. Sedation and general anaesthesia are two options.
  2. Make the incision
    To reduce visible scars, incisions are made in microscopic areas. You can discuss with your plastic surgeon which incision options are best for your goals.
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The following incision options are possible:

Inframammary incision (under the breast)
Transaxillary incision (armpit)
Periareolar incision (around the areola)
The choice of incision depends on several things, including the amount of growth involved, the patient’s anatomy, the type of implant, and surgeon-patient preference.

  1. Implant Insertion and Placement
    After the incision is made, the implant is inserted into two possible pockets.

These are two different types of placements:

Submuscular placement: This is done under the pectoral muscle. Recovery may take longer and there will be more pain after the procedure.

Subglandular placement is placed behind the breast tissue and over the pectoralis muscle.

The method of insertion and placement of a breast implant is determined by the type of implant in your breast augmentation surgery, the degree of enlargement desired, your body type, and your surgeon’s recommendations.

  1. Close the incisions
    The surgeon closes the incisions with sutures or sutures in the breast tissue. Stitches, adhesive, or surgical tape are used to close and retain the skin. The incision lines will fade over time. The quality of your scar is determined by many factors, including your genetics, nicotine exposure, and infection.
  2. Visible Results
    You can see the results of breast enlargement immediately. Swelling will return after surgery, but it should go away within two weeks. The lines of the incision will also fade. The patient will then be able to assess whether the procedure meets his or her expectations.
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After breast augmentation surgery, you may experience certain side effects like infection, bleeding, numbness and more after breast augmentation surgery. But full recovery from breast augmentation surgery will take no more than six weeks (about a month and a half). It is important to choose a licensed and experienced surgeon for these surgeries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the size, shape or fullness of the breasts. Under the chest muscle or breast tissue, the surgeon places breast implants made of silicone, saline, or alternative composites.

How to sleep after breast augmentation surgery?

After your breast augmentation, you should sleep on your back in an elevated position for the first few days. It maintains a more natural position for your breasts, improves circulation and reduces swelling.

How long does breast augmentation surgery take?

Breast augmentation surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure or with an overnight hospital stay. You will be placed under general anaesthesia, making the treatment painless. The process takes 1-2 hours to complete.

What to wear after breast augmentation surgery?

You should wear clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Loose-fitting shirts or blouses and zip-up sweatshirts work best. Some incisions will be made in the body tissue under the skin, this is how breast implants are inserted into the body.

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