10 Secrets About Meditation You Can Learn In 2022

Meditation is the world’s oldest healing exercise that can increase one’s spiritual wellbeing. Not only that, but meditation also allows you to improve your physical, psychological, and mental wellbeing.

Meditation may seem like a joke to millennials because they don’t think breathing in and breathing out is an exercise. But it is, and it requires a lot of practice and concentration to do it right.

How to get started on Meditation as a beginner?

Firstly, you need to schedule a time from your daily routine to practice meditation. You can set 10 minutes from your busy day aside to practice it. For example, you can do it the first thing in the morning, or you can do it before you go to bed at night. 

Secondly, select a spot that seems to work the best for your meditation. You can do it on a beach or a chair on your balcony, whichever works the best for you. Keep your back straight, relax your neck, and place your hands loosely on your thighs. Practice mediation in the same place every day to make it a daily habit.

Thirdly, settle in, and start paying attention to your breaths and body movement. Just focus on your breath as it goes in and out of your body, and now follow your physical movement too. If your body posture feels suitable and comfortable to you, it will help you meditate better.

Finally, Your mind will wander away to several things as you start meditating. It is very natural for beginners. But, no matter how many times it goes off wandering, redirect your focus back to your breathing. 

Now, let’s focus on the meditation secrets that will encourage you even more, to practice it daily.

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1: A few minutes of meditation a day will keep the doctors away

There are no hard and fast rules that you have to meditate for at least 30 minutes. You can do it for 5-10 minutes a day also, and your body and mind will be in perfect sync. You don’t even need an ideal place to do it. Just spare a few minutes for meditation from your busy routine, and your mind will start working wonders.

2: Follow baby steps

Well, more than baby steps, meditation requires you to think like a baby. As we all know, a baby’s mind is like white paper, and babies know how to be present at the moment. Meditation also works in this same way because, like a baby’s mind, you will have to present at the moment too. So just take your brain to the no thinking zone, and see how meditation works for you.

3: Show yourself some compassion

When beginners start to meditate for the first time, their mind often wanders away. Before you know it, you are thinking about your breakup, or your dinner plan, or your outfit for the next party. Whenever this happens, redirect your mind with the utmost compassion that you can shower on yourself. Be gentle with yourself, and over time, you will know how to cool your mind in no time.

4: Antidepressants? NO, NO

People who suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression often take antidepressant medicines to control their temper. But have you ever given meditation a chance? It is scientifically proven that antidepressants will help you temporarily, but depending on medication for the rest of your life is never wise. So, a regular practice of meditation will help you control your anxiety and reduce your stress.

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5: Just Breathe

If you think meditation is a big deal, and only experts can do it the right way, you are wrong. It is as simple as breathing. It may not be easy because you have to bring your mind back from time to time, but it is indeed simple. Just breathe in, and breathe out. You can also try counting your breaths because they help your mind stay focused on one place.

6: Inner Peace is the ultimate form of existence

Once you begin to meditate the right way, you will notice significant changes in your personality. You will see yourself not being bothered by silly issues anymore. Your mind will be in such a good harmony with your body that you will always feel relaxed. You will be truly present in the present, and that will make you see beauty in things as never before.

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7: There are no strict positions

If you want, you can meditate while you are in line waiting for something. You can also do it during your lunch break at the office. So, there is no correct position to do it if you know how to focus on your breaths. Beginners should start with the lotus position because it helps them focus, but you can choose any comfortable position.

8: No pain, no gain

Don’t get us wrong, because we know meditation does not cause any physical pain. But, if you happen to have any injury, and it pains you, start meditating. Meditation works wonders, and within a few minutes, you will notice your body does not feel the pain to an enormous extent anymore. So, if you have an injury, and you see yourself not making a big deal about it, give the credit to meditation.

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9: Unity in diversity

Meditation is one such exercise that anyone can do. It does not matter what your age is, or what your skin color is, or what your financial background is. Meditation does not discriminate on your body shape, your ender, skin color, or ethnicity. Anyone can meditate, which the world needs right now to secure peace in it. 

10: Numerous physical health benefits

Meditation can help you reduce your blood pressure. It can help people sleep at a proper time every day so that insomnia does not hamper your health. It can reduce stress too. All these physical health benefits will improve your health status overall and reduce your risk of having a stroke.

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Meditation is excellent if you can do it the right way. Meditation can make your body and mind achieve perfect harmony. It will also help you get over all the discords of daily life. So, take some time out from your fast-paced life, and practice meditation. There are meditation retreats available near you also, so you can learn from the experts if you want. 

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