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Top Things To Know About While Buying CNC Machine Tools

CNC machines can accomplish a range of cutting jobs mostly due to the diverse range of tools they can accommodate. There is an end mill, thread mill, roughing mill, face mill, fly cutter, thread mill, drill bit, reamer, hollow mill, side cutter, face cutter, and a whole lot of other tools. Indeed, there is a tool for every function. This is why a CNC machine can perform a range of cuttings and incisions on the piece you are working with.

A Basic Idea Of CNC Tools

You need to have a good idea about these tools so that you have a good understanding of CNC machines and their performance in general. This can also help you design better parts. However, it is not just the cutting tools, but also the tool holders for cnc machines and the dust evacuation tools that are important. In general, technicians use cutting tools to remove material from a solid block. The tool is fitted to the spindle or tool holder of the CNC machine. The CNC machine follows computer instructions and guides the cutting tool to cut the block. 

Types Of Cutting Tools 

Cutting tools are sharp tools that rotate at high speeds and cut through the block producing many tiny chips, which are ejected by the workpiece. Some tools make contact with the working block at one point only, while other tools may hit the material at multiple points.

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Tool Holders For CNC Machines and Dust Evacuation

CNC machines are of no use if you don’t have the right tool holders and proper dust evacuation tools. Indeed, there is a variety of tools that you can use to hold the cutting tools properly and evacuate the resulting debris. Let’s discuss some of these. 

  • Collet Chucks 

Collet chucks use mechanical force to hold tools. Its advantages lie in speed, productivity, accuracy, etc which are crucial for certain jobs.

There are different types and sizes of collet chuck tool holders. You can get most of these sizes and types online. However, while buying collect chucks you also need to see that you have a good dust evacuation nut like an airpro dust evacuation nut.

  • Hydraulic chucks

The right hydraulic chuck for your tool can give you the perfect fastening of tools and centring. It offers extremely high precision, unparalleled repeatability, and the best surface finish at super high feed speed while ensuring minimal runout.

  • Dust evacuation nut

A good dust evacuation nut like an airpro dust evacuation nut can remove almost all the dust resulting from cutting operations.


If you are sorting out CNC machine tools and tool holders, but have not yet got hold of a place where you can get most of them, you can try online stores. Some stores offer lab-certified tools.

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