5 health problems due to overdose of medications

Anything that we consume or use does not work if they are used more than they are needed. Medicines are one such thing that causes serious health effects when they are taken more than required.

On the other hand, taking different kinds of medicines at once can create a sense of confusion, lightheadedness and internal bleeding as well. The reason for these problems is that different medicines have different amount of ingredients or chemicals mixed with them.

Even the higher amount of plant-based medications such as cbd oil can have side effects like dry mouth, diarrhea and decreased appetite.

Let us have a look at the common five health problems that we usually get due to overdose of medications:

  • Chest pain: Chest pain usually occurs when the amount of medicines that have been taken exceeds the usual dose. This contributes to the rise of blood pressure which then increases the risk of chest pain. If the chest pain deteriorates, then there are higher chances of getting a heart attack.
  • Loss of balance: As the medicines are a form of drug and are mixture of many elements that contains alcohol, taking them in higher amounts causes an imbalance to our bodies Taking too many medicines reduces the functions of our brain and creates a blurred vision that eventually causes our bodies to collapse and go into coma eventually.
  • Abdominal pain: Medicine overdose can cause our stomach to become excessively acidic and cause cramps that makes it hard to tolerate. The acid content of the medicine is high and when it combines with the acid of our stomach, then the natural acidic balance is disrupted, resulting in excessive amount of pain.
  • Deep snoring: There are many medicines that make us feel sleepy for a certain amount in order to heal. Taking more of these medicines can make us feel sleepy for more than needed and makes us snore. Taking medicines that makes us sleepy can also increase the amount of tiredness and weak bodies.
  • Hallucination: Another disease that causes due to the overdose of medicines is that we hallucinate and visualize imaginary objects. The brain does not remain stable due to the overdose and creates a visual of seeing things that are not real, thus making us react abnormally.
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These are the common diseases that usually occur when we overdose medicines.

In conclusion, medicines should not be consumed more than the dosage has been prescribed. Furthermore, it is better to live a better lifestyle rather than relying on medicines.

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