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Learn Qaida Online with Tajweed Reading from Our Quran Academy

Learn Qaida Online from our Quran Academy! We offer Qaida course for you. With Qaida Reading, you’ll learn the meaning of each word from the Quran in Arabic, as well as its application to your daily life and how it pertains to Islamic rules and laws.

What is Tajweed?
Tajweed is the name for how to read Quranic Arabic text. When memorizing the Holy Qur’an, we study the language and grammar of Quranic Arabic so that our recitation will be pure and clean. We try to pronounce each letter as closely as possible to the original Arabic pronunciation.
The tajweed rules help us avoid vocalization errors like pausing too long between words or rushing syllables together which change meanings or create undesirable sounds. The rules also prevent us from adding extra letters, syllables or words not found in the original text.

How to Become a Hafiz
To become a Hafiz (memorizer of the Qur’an), one must memorize the 114 chapters of the Qur’an. Memorizing the entire Quran takes years, so most Muslims who learn to read and recite it are considered Hafiz. The length of time it takes to memorize all Quranic chapters varies from person to person. Young children can memorize up to two pages in just three days. Adults may take six months or more for each page depending on their age and circumstances.

How to Memorize the Qur’an Faster?
Don’t try to memorize the Quran overnight! Memorizing anything in such a manner may backfire and lead to some disadvantages. And even if you do succeed, the effort may not be worth it for all that long. No worries, you don’t have to work hard for hours or months on end. I’ve just devised a system that takes care of two things: building good habits, and momentum. The results are quick – once every night is all it takes! Focus on 20-minute sessions of recitation only – while still maintaining what we call active listening – that means reading and understanding the words simultaneously.

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Have Confidence in Yourself
Be positive about yourself and your abilities. Even if you’ve made a mistake, take the lesson learned and put it to use for something else. Self-reflection and self-confidence go hand in hand. Take time to explore what makes you happy, which will help you know who you are and what you enjoy. Stay away from people or circumstances that bring out the worst in you. Don’t compare yourself to others, because no one is better than anyone else at anything! If someone tries to make themselves feel better by making fun of you, let them have their moment while continuing on with your own life choices

Practice, practice, practice and memorize
Once you have finished memorizing, you will want to practice what you have memorized. The key to success is practicing and practicing! You should also make a point of reading through the passage that contains what you are trying to memorize on a daily basis for about two weeks before your exam. This will help reinforce the words and phrases in your mind. You should also get someone else to quiz you on all that you can recall of the passage. So start Learn Qaida Online with our qualified teachers now.

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