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Top 5 Apps to Monitor the Stock Market

If you want to keep an eye on the stock market without having to go out of your house, there are several apps available for iPhone and Android users. Some of these apps include Yahoo! Finance, AMC StockTwits, TDAmeritrade, and E-Trade. These apps provide investors with a closer look at the performance of their portfolios and other information.

Yahoo! Finance

If you want to monitor the stock market and keep up with the news, you can use the Yahoo! Finance app. This app is packed with features that make it easy to track stocks. It lets you create watch lists and request personalized updates. You can also link the app with your brokerage account so it automatically transfers investment information. It also offers links to other financial news sources and allows you to monitor various types of information.

Another great feature of Yahoo Finance is that it allows you to enter information about stocks that you have purchased. You can add multiple lots of stock and track the profit and loss of your investment. You can also view charts, historical data, and more.

AMC StockTwits

AMC StockTwits is an app that provides a Twitter-like experience for investors and traders. It is a popular choice among traders and investors as it offers several features. Users can follow other users and stay informed about current market news and ideas. The app is easy to use and has over 218,000 followers.

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The company also has a stocktwits page, with over 218,000 followers. The company, which is part of AMC, has been a top short pick in the past, and has since paid off its debts. In 2008, it received a Shorty award for its stocktwits page. Since then, it has paid off its debts, including $600 million of debt.

Although AMC StockTwit has a huge number of followers, the quality of posts on the app is generally low. There is a decent amount of spam on the site, so finding good information is tough.


If you’re looking for the best app for monitoring the stock market, E-Trade is a good choice. It offers a variety of trading opportunities, and it offers 24/7 customer support through a telephone number and online chat. The customer service representatives can assist you with most queries and account issues. You can also visit your local branch if you prefer.

This app has a wide variety of educational resources. It can also help you navigate risks and trade more efficiently. It has a variety of tools for analyzing the market, including sophisticated order types that make it easier to enter and exit positions. It also offers support through phone, email and web chat. The E-Trade app offers two web platforms and has a large library of research tools.


TD Ameritrade is one of the most popular financial firms and has a mobile app that offers investors several options to trade. While the standard TD Ameritrade app offers alerts and research capabilities, the mobile TD Ameritrade Trader app allows users to track complex trades. It also offers tons of functionality for both iOS and Android users. Though TD Ameritrade may not be the best choice for beginners, it still provides a comprehensive experience and is better than the competition.

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With a strong presence in retail trading, TDAmeritrade has a wide range of free and low-cost features to help novice traders and investors practice stock trading. TDAmeritrade’s paperMoney virtual trading simulator is a desktop platform that provides $100,000 in practice money, including a margin account. Non-customers can register for a free 60-day trial to experience this platform.


Robinhood is an app that helps you keep an eye on the stock market. It offers real-time balances and margins, and it also lets you know how much buying power you have in a specific stock. You can also see a one-day graph of the value of your portfolio. If you want to see specific dates and values, you can also import your transactions. But there are some downsides to Robinhood.

While it has many advantages, Robinhood is not a good choice for experienced traders and sophisticated investors. It doesn’t offer advanced features like foreign exchange, futures trading, or automated trading. The app is easy to use for a beginner, but it’s not suitable for advanced traders.

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