What Are The Interesting Tricks for Snapchat Users?TECHNOLOGY 

What Are The Interesting Tricks for Snapchat Users?

Snapchat has been attractive to many users around the world, but many are still unable to understand it. There are some tricks you may not be familiar with yet. Even after using it for some time, you might have missed some hidden features or usage of Snapchat. For example, this photo-sharing app can also be used to create artistic images, if you only know how to do it.

Let’s find out interesting tricks for Snapchat users?

Snapchat Tricks

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat. If not, download it from Google Play or use iTunes.

• Now, launch the app and touch the gear icon->Additional services->Manage, from here you can manage settings and enable features. This will include playback, filters, special text and front flash.

• You can choose to show your content to the friends you choose using the Sent on-screen option.

• For emoji and text overlays, you can use the text feature. Touch the letter T and enter text, this text will be enlarged.

• Drawing or doodling is also easy, slide the rainbow bar to choose a color. You can draw on your snaps, dragging to the left corner of the rainbow color slider, this will help you draw white.

• To draw in black, you have to drag down and use the black crayons to draw with the rainbow slider.

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• If you’re an Android user, you can choose a transparent color, then long-press the rainbow slider and select a transparent color.

Additional updates and cheats

• Snapchat provides the latest update to enable you to add Instagram filters. Swipe left to preview the filter.

• You can doodle and label your photos or snapshots.

• Geolocation is also possible based on the current location or when the snapshot was taken.

• Filters can be used to help you display the time the photo was taken.

• With the overlay feature, you can also tag videos.

• Velocity filters help to capture the motion of any object.

• Touch the light icon in the top left corner, this will help you turn on the front flash for brighter images.

• You can also use the playback function, touch any image and it will reveal the playback function. That way you can see what you captured a few moments ago.

• While playing stories, if you want to fast-forward, press and hold for a few seconds and it will go to the next story.

• To change or increase the number of friends in the Best Friends list, you can go to Settings-># Best Friends, from here you can add up to 7 friends.

With these tricks, you can easily master Snapchat on your iPhone or Android device and enjoy its features and benefits to the fullest.

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