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What is HTML5 Web Storage?

Every desktop or mobile app comes up with a specific technique to store user data. People focus on the ideal way to store information. Storage is a great concept to save digital data. It is easy to hold, fetch, update and delete data. In a web application, there are two sides, like a client and a server. Hypertext markup language version 5 introduces a web storage feature to manage user data. Developers use such an option to create mobile or desktop apps and bring peace of mind to users. It is one of the essential features of HTML 5. 

By activating the storage feature, web applications locally store details within the browser on the client-side. Data can accumulate in values or critical pairs on the browser. It also acts as document object model storage. Storing data on web storage is like cookies and works faster.

The mechanism is perfect for eliminating drawbacks in structured data. It is easy to solve problems like

  • Slow down web applications when transferring the same data
  • Sharing unencrypted data over the internet
  • Never enough to safeguard relevant data

Web storage is the best solution for developers to manage apps with the preserved state on the client or serve and functions against the stateless nature of HTTP. 

Web Storage Strength And Browser Support:

Today, web storage features work well in all major browsers like firefox, opera, chrome, internet explorer 8+, and safari. It takes two different objects to store data like a window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage. 

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Before using the storage technique, it is mandatory to check browser support for these two objects. HTML 5 web storage is entirely secure and stores enough data. You must understand web storage strengths and decide to use them properly on a web solution.

  • It allows apps to perform well in online and offline modes.
  • Enabling the web storage option in the app is accessible for API to learn and use.
  • The feature can easily catch into browser events online, offline, and storage changes.
  • There is no additional header data sent with a browser request.
  • Users enjoy more space when compared to cookies.

Popular Web Storage Methods In HTML5:

When it comes to creating an app, developers focus on the storage method offered by HTML5. With the advent of technology, you can gain complete information about the storage method. 

  • getItem() – the key name is passed, and retrieve the original key value
  • setItem() – keep key and value, whether key already exists, add value or key pair to the session storage object
  • clear() – method is possible to eliminate cache data and keep storage empty
  • removeItem() – the key is exceeding, get rid of value and key from the storage object
  • keys() – the number can pass and retrieve key of a particular number position in storage

Pay Attention To Storage Objects:

HTML 5 helps web developers use web storage to safeguard user data. Web storage feature manages storage methods like

  • LocalStorage
  • SessionStorage

Web storage data does not work between different browsers. Developers add data to server session storage or local storage by implementing web storage functionality. 

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LocalStorage can keep among browser sessions and accumulate data locally. The method is ideal for storing data without an expiration date. Whether the browser is closed, it will never remove data and allow users to view it at any time and after a year. You can use the key or value pair to examine elements on a web page.

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Important Factors About Localstorage:

  • Values placed into localStorage can share throughout all windows from the same source.
  • Long-term data perseverance
  • LocalStorage object extent different windows and continues ahead of the present session
  • Data stored on the client act like cookies and keep value while the browser session ends.


SessionStorage can store data locally and is suitable for a limited period. If you close the browser, it will remove data and never view anything again.

Session storage is suitable when users perform a single transaction and multiple transactions simultaneously in diverse windows. Common technique persists throughout page views and empties when closed browser.

Important Factors About SessionStorage:

  • If the browser session ends, sessionStorage will also end
  • Datastore on the server
  • Short-term data persistence 
  • Values place into storage sessions visible in the tab or window that develops them.

Benefits Of Web Storage:

Developers are willing to know the benefits of using web storage in a web application. You can understand more about the storage mechanism and how it saves data.

  • With HTML 5 web storage, the web page stores data within the browser and is faster and more secure.
  • Developers can store domain-specific or pre-session data like value and name pair on the client with web storage.
  • It provides complete control to developers on how data is stored by one window visible to others.
  • Data stored in web storage stay on the client and does not transfer to the server. Data never go away browse when using web storage.
  • It comes up with more disk space that manages 10 megabytes for every storage area.
  • HTML introduces such attributes for values never transfer to the server with every request and acquire individual data.
  • Hackers cannot hack data and provide perfect security to stored data.
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Boost Security Aspect:

Every developer implements the best feature in a web application that provides a better user experience. Security is an important matter when developing an application. It is the best way to prevent malicious users from accessing sensitive information. 

You can access a professional company that manages years of experience and skills in the development field. They guide you about everything and execute the right things to bring safety to users when using the app. You can get ideas from professionals and utilize outstanding features in web apps.

Contact JDM Web Technologies and take service for managing website with good storage option. A professional team helps you a lot and eliminates unwanted attacks and hacks. Web storage is public and never stores sensitive data on the client-side and sends it to others.

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