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Why Should You Use LogWork for Employee Time Tracking?

Maintaining a productive team can be very difficult since there are many things that can make your team less quick and productive than usual. That’s why using a screen monitoring or time tracking tool can be extremely helpful. LogWork is one of the latest and most innovative employee time tracking solutions that’s free to use, and it also comes with incredible features.

Dedicated time tracking apps

One of the great things about LogWork is that you can perform employee time tracking via desktop apps, but also mobile apps. The versatility, ease of use, and the opportunity to track hours as well as export data into programs like Excel are extremely helpful.

Taking screenshots while tracking time

Aside from delivering great screen monitoring features, LogWork goes the extra mile to make the process even more comprehensive. Yes, LogWork will take screenshots while also tracking time, which is great because it makes monitoring a part of the daily routine.

Great app integration

LogWork does a very good job at integrating with other tools you already use. It has upwards of 74 integrations via the browser extension. Not only that, but you can get 3000+ integrations through Zapier too, which is always very helpful!

Receive great insights into your team’s performance

The LogWork tool offers a lot of information about each employee’s productivity. It can show who is working at a particular moment, it’s even possible to see any delays. On top of that, it can detect work patterns for every employee, while also making it easy to monitor any unexpected days off or hours without any work done.

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Great dashboard

The LogWork intuitive dashboard software helps employees keep track of the hours they work and the hours they have left. It also calculates exactly how many hours they have worked each day, each week, and each month. The software can be used by employers to monitor and limit their employees’ schedules.

Increase the overall productivity

Since so much of business is about productivity and efficiency, it’s hard to tell whether you’re advancing your goals if you don’t know how you’re spending your time. Time tracking is the first step toward knowing more about your business.

Detailed reports

With LogWork you can easily perform employee time tracking and also ensure that you have detailed reports regarding the team and employee performance. LogWork can deliver app usage reports, project or task not reports, PDF timesheet reports, and many others.


Using LogWork is a great idea if you want to access the best screen monitoring and employee time tracking solutions. The app is very easy to customize, it has a detailed, easy-to-use dashboard, and it also comes with great mobile and desktop apps. This is a great tool for businesses that need better time tracking, however, it can be just as good for freelancers and solopreneurs. Give it a try right away and you will be impressed with the ease of use, detailed reports, and accuracy offered by LogWork!

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