NineMSN Launches Fixplay Catch Up TV Service

Like Channel 9 has at long last awoken from its trance concerning the web video and sent off Fixplay, an internet-based video gateway pointed toward taking on Yahoo! 7 Plus and ABC iView.

Albeit the public statement says that the site can be found at, at the hour of composing I was getting DNS blunders out of control, despite the fact that I figured out how to track down the site here.

There’s a really wide determination of Channel 9 TV shows available, including V, Underbelly, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, and Cold Case, in addition to some stuff from Go! and back index content from McLeod’s Daughters and Sea Patrol.

However, the most interesting part of the service is the arrangement with BBC Worldwide, which makes back index episodes of Doctor Who, Little Britain, Spooks, Torchwood, and Hotel Babylon available. Seeing whether this affects ABC iView at all will intrigue me.

It’s still too soon to judge, however essentially Channel 9 is now playing in this particular sandbox. Now, all we want is an across-the-board site for all the TV networks, such as Hulu…


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