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Social Media Among The Go To Ways To Spread The Gospel

For those who are interested in spreading the gospel of the Messiah, Israel has been a mystery of sorts. Despite being known as the place where Jesus took birth and spent a major part of his life, the message of Jesus does not seem to have percolated to the masses. Indeed, only 0.01% of the people in Israel believe in Jesus. What is astonishing is that most of the Jewish people have never even heard about the gospel or known that the word Yeshua, which means SALVATION in Hebrew, is the Hebrew name for Jesus.

Spreading Messianic Prophecies In Isaiah

Those who love Jesus believe that something needs to be done to address this anomaly. If you are among them, you cannot keep silent either. Some people are preaching the Gospel to the masses through media, airwaves, the internet et al. So, if you are interested in spreading the gospel in Israel or are inclined to know more about it, you need to approach the appropriate forum. Some people are spreading the gospel through social media and other electronic media.

The media in Israel is big. Statistics reveal that about 71.6% of people there surf the internet. Promotions with proper planning with a creative bend can turn out excellent promotional campaigns on the web and other media.

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However, this is not all. You also need to have a very good understanding of the Jewish culture and fluency in the Hebrew language. This can help you communicate God’s message to the people of Israel.

Various Media Activities For Preaching The Gospel

Several media activities preach the gospel. There are YouTube videos, music albums preaching the gospel, articles, speeches, and more. There are video testimonies of Jews and others who have encountered the empathy and love of Jesus. There are TV and YouTube animation videos designed to spread the messianic prophecies in Isaiah. These are high-quality animated videos in Hebrew that bring out the nuances of the New Testament and Old Testament and discuss their implications in your life, chapter by chapter.

Several Israelis have heard the gospel through such programs. Moreover, the YouTube views are increasing every day. You too can contribute to the effort by making videos and uploading them. The cost of producing a Gospel video can run into $100 per verse while online promotion costs can be around 12 cents per view.


Whether you have found peace in Jesus or are looking for it, you need to go through the gospel. You can do this by watching animated videos, music videos, written content, and more about the messianic prophecies in Isaiah. The gospel is a collection of messages concerning Christ, the kingdom of God, and the attainment of salvation. You can also make videos about testimonies of persons or others and help in spreading the word of God.

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