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How Building an On-Demand Appointment App Can Benefit Your Practice

For many patients, waiting in long lines is a thing of the past. All credit for this goes to technological advancements and an on-demand appointment app. Patients can now be more comfortable and convenient as they wait impatiently for their turn with the on-demand doctors and patients app making it feasible.

Healthcare IT has aided the healthcare industry to develop at a breakneck speed in recent years. This sector is one of the first in the business to embrace digital or IT trends.

Patients and medical practitioners are equally enthusiastic about mobile healthcare applications. On-demand appointment apps are quite popular among health solutions since they eliminate the need to wait in long lines during unique hospital odors and the heart-breaking sight of despondent patients. It was also easier to postpone appointments and make bill payments online. Mobile app development services are gaining popularity as we see a lot of businesses venturing into this domain.

For Doctors App Development

A mobile app development company will develop an on-demand doctor appointment app with the following features:

Authentication: Before being featured on the app, the surgeons were verified by degrees, employment history, and reputation checks.

Profile: A profile of the doctor is developed that includes basic information, visiting hours, reviews & ratings, and insurance plans.

Appointment management: The app enables doctors to manage appointments with patients and set up new ones.

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Appointment status: Doctors/surgeons can check whether an appointment has been canceled or not.

E-prescription: By using this feature, doctors can prescribe medicines to patients electronically.

Rating: Patients rate and review the doctors after an appointment.

Transaction history: This stores all the past and present transactions of a patient with a doctor.

For Patients App Development

The mobile app development services for on-demand appointment apps for patients include:

Profile: The app starts with the creation of a patient profile that requires basic information like age, gender, contact number, etc.

Easy search: The patients can easily find and book an appointment with a doctor of their choice.

Appointment booking: Patients can book appointments with doctors and also cancel them if required.

Multiple payment options: Multiple payment options are available for the patients’ convenience.

Built-in chat: Patients can chat with doctors and get their queries resolved.

GPS tracking: The app uses GPS to track the location of the patients.

Notifications: Patients receive notifications about upcoming appointments, new offers, etc.

Health records sharing: Patients can share their health records with doctors through the app.

Virtual assistance: The in-app video conferencing call was made available to those who were unable to go to the doctor.

SOS: In case of an emergency, patients can contact the hospital directly through the app.

Promotional offers: Doctors can provide discounts to new and existing patients on their next visit or tell others about the app in order to expand patient numbers.

How is the On-Demand Appointment App developed?

Conceptualization: The first step is to come up with a unique and innovative app concept. The idea and target audience were discussed in order to validate the concept.

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Business analysis: The development team analyzes the client’s business needs in this step. Wireframes are used to assess the app’s marketability.

App development: After the study is complete, the mobile app development business begins work on the app based on the client’s specifications. The team of IT experts with similar views builds the software using industry-standard procedures.

UI & UX Designing: The application’s user interface and experience are meant to be engaging and simple to use. App design is influenced by modern design trends, app store requirements, and the needs of intended users.

Testing: The development process is followed by a testing team that checks the application for faults and bugs after it’s completed. Before the app is published, different sorts of tests are used to guarantee optimal performance.

Launching: After completing all previous phases, the app is made available in the market. You can create a buzz before the app goes live by using PRs, influencer marketing, and other offline/online methods.

Deploying: Finally, the app is published on the App Store or Google Play and made available to anybody around the globe. The developer’s account is used to submit the app to guarantee perfect uploading.

How much do you need to spend on building an On-Demand appointment app?

The cost of developing an on-demand appointment app depends on many factors such as the features, the platform is chosen, the development team’s experience, etc. Some of the factors are:

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The complexity of the app: If you want to develop a simple app with fewer features, it will cost you less than an app with complex features.

The platform chosen: The price of developing an iOS app is higher than that of an Android app because it takes more time and effort to develop an iOS app.

The development team’s experience: If you hire a team of experienced developers, it will cost you more than a team of less experienced developers.

Development team’s location: The cost of developing an app in the US is higher than that of developing an app in India.

According to Mobile App Development Company experts, the fee for on-demand app development with a basic set of features is around $21,000 per hour. In fact, the cost will increase as sophisticated technology use and complexity rise. If you choose an American or Canadian mobile app development partner, your costs may increase considerably because the hourly rates are significantly higher than those in Asian countries.

It’s usually a good idea to speak with two or more development firms before agreeing on a contract to understand how much it’ll cost to develop your app.


The healthcare on-demand appointment app is a “Uber” for the industry! Both patients and doctors may utilize the advantages. Many healthcare service providers are already looking at creating an on-demand appointment app to meet the demands of their patients. This blog has attempted to address all significant elements of on-demand appointment app development.

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