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CCTV Security Systems: How They Have Evolved Over The Years

The first CCTV camera was invented more than 75 years ago. While they were initially used for personal surveillance by individuals, government authorities in most parts of the world now also use them extensively for crime detection. Like its utility, the overall functionality of CCTV security systems has also greatly evolved over the years. While camera quality has improved significantly in the last several years, there has been a massive growth in machine learning processes as well.

Here are some of the ways in which CCTV cameras have evolved over the years:

Motion Detection

Motion detection is one of those new-age technologies that have greatly contributed to CCTV cameras being more effective in offering security and detecting criminal activities. If you are installing cameras outdoors, it is very important that you choose the ones that feature a motion detection facility.

It is a technology that is designed to detect the presence of moving objects in a particular area. Motion detection is the kind of mechanism that can differentiate between the movement of a stray animal and somebody trespassing on your property.

Night Vision

The CCTV cameras that were used back in the day were not capable of capturing the events occurring during the night accurately. If you checked the footage of a particular night, all you would see is darkness. It is a well-known fact that most criminal activities take place during the night. So, this was a big issue with CCTV security systems back then.

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Now, CCTV cameras come with night vision technology that enables them to record and offer a vivid description of all the activities that take place late in the evening or during the night. Finally, it makes sense to keep CCTV cameras activated throughout the day.

Smart Device Integration

A couple of years ago, you had to sit on a monitor placed in a dedicated area to have a look at some of the footage captured by your CCTV cameras. While many people used CCTV cameras, they didn’t benefit much from it. Modern technology has made CCTV cameras more accessible by integrating them with smart devices.

Now, you can see the visuals captured by the CCTV camera installed in or outside your home at the click of a button and on your smartphone screen. You can integrate the CCTV cameras with your smartphone, tablet or any other smart device to have a good amount of control over them.

While installing CCTV cameras had become quite common in office areas a while ago, a large number of people are now installing these in and around their homes as well. A drop in crime rate has been witnessed across multiple cities where both individuals and authorities have installed these cameras in large numbers.  

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