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Create a Vintage Look That You Would Want to Sport – The Essential Style Elements to Consider

If you make a 60s print meet a new Gucci bag and converse sneakers, the look will certainly be eclectic. Also, because you have this vintage look, it doesn’t indicate that you got all your attire from a shop around the corner. And in case you wish to save yourself from delving into the dress codes of the past, you can check out some of the best hacks for creating a vintage look with all that you have.

In this article, we will discuss some ideas that will enable you to say yes to the retro flair and look vintage. Dressing up in a vintage-style theme doesn’t mean stepping onto the time machine and traveling a few decades back. You can simply take on a few elements that make up the vintage ensemble and customize it to your style preference. It could be anything from vintage colors, prints, accessories, and even make-up. For instance, you can use a velvet matte lip color in wine red or violet with a pastel shade dress to look vintage.

Some of the elements that can enable you to look vintage in your daily life include the following:

  1. Wear an oversize blazer and add a pocket scarf

If you want, you can choose this style hack during the winters or when the weather is starting to get slightly cooler. Wearing a blazer during the summer months might not be an intelligent decision. So, choose a slightly oversized blazer and wear it with a dress, trousers or even a skirt. You can select the color of the blazer based on the skirt, trouser or even the dress. Ideally, a solid color blazer will work best with any outfit. Most women love to choose an oversized blazer that is black in color or at times, wine red or blue so that it complements other shades as well. You can add a pocket scarf to complement this look. The scarf can be made of any material, such as satin, chiffon, or georgette. Light prints can create a vintage look. If you want, you can also wear the scarf around your neck at times. Some women choose to tie the scarf to their tote bag to create a smart look. That way, you can add an element of modernity to the vintage look.

  • Choose a hat that complements your look
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Your vintage look isn’t complete without a hat! But since it’s 2022, you need to choose a hat that has a vintage element, but doesn’t look too old, that it will make you appear out of place. One of the best options here is to choose the trilby hat that looks almost like the fedora hat. The trilby hat has a decent brim size which can keep your head and eyes secured from the sun rays and add to your entire look.

  • Get yourself retro sunglasses

If you want to sport an authentic vintage look, getting the retro sunglasses is a must! The moment you wear it, you can say yes to a distinct old, world charm that will enable you to look sober, stylish, and vintage without appearing over the top. Today, retro glasses are available in multiple frames and shades. When it comes to frames, you can select the one with round frames or a hexagonal shape. In terms of colors, shades of light brown, yellow, light pink, and burgundy are good options. Ideally, it would help if you chose the retro sunglass shade based on the attire that you decide to wear.

  • Wear a tunic dress or a shift dress

One of the best ways to sport a vintage look is to decide to wear a tunic or a shift dress. Both look smart and classy, based on the color and print you choose. You can wear a tunic with denim pant or with tights. Additionally, you can also wear your shift dress with a shrug or a long jacket based on your comfort level. When it comes to footwear, boots complement tunics and shift dresses.

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Finally, you need to select a bag that complements the vintage attire. A tote bag or a sling bag can be the best choice here. For instance, if you are wearing a blazer and shirt, a sling bag can add the best contrast. On the other hand, if you wear a retro sunglass along with a tunic and shift dress, the best bag option is the tote bag. Even though it will not appear like the typical vintage bags that women used to carry in the 60s, it can still create an old-world look without making you appear completelyunrelatable to people. When you say yes to the ideas mentioned above, you can create a vintage look that complements you and customize it the way you want.

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