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How to Decorate a Small Living Room: 5 Proven Styling Tricks You Should Try at Your Place

I bet you have found the most common way to decorate a small room. I believe this is the result of excessive noise on the web. 

Today I will break it down just for you. Because it’s true: You can have a small room in front of you and it can look absolutely stunning in any case. I realize this will usually be true in light of the fact that I plan very few places for my plan clients. So you’re good to go, crazy decorator.

At the end of this post you will know which furniture to adopt. You will realize which parts to stay away from. Additionally, you’ll become proficient with some clever visual tricks that you can play on occasion to make a space feel larger.

Choose a sofa with a small profile

When you’re figuring out how to spruce up a small room, start with the most important thing: the sofa. You can represent the moment of truth as a place. Additionally, usually, individuals choose one that is too big for the room.

A small profile is important. On occasion when I say a little profile, I mean it should feel light from the outside in the room. You don’t maintain that it must be a wreck. Stay away from thick arms, stay away from high arms, and stay away from high backs.

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Likewise, make sure that it does not cause chaos in the city. You maintain that the legs of your couch should be accommodating, allowing air to flow down. Wooden or metal legs should extend 15 cm starting from the initial stage. I would recommend keeping the lines clean as well. In any case, I mean that, for example, you won’t see streaming or elaborate shapes in the arms of a Chesterfield sofa cum bed.

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The Adams sofa above from Casterly is a great example of a small profile sofa. Ideal for parlors with limited space.

In a really close living room, definitely stay away from chaise longues or sectional sofas. All things considered, use a beanbag seat when you need to rest. This will save a lot of room.

Use a Side Table as your Coffee Table

What about a round foot stool is that they don’t get too low. A large proportion of these smaller names are still around 90 cm wide. Moreover, if you’re in a small room, you want every last trace of room you can get your hands on.

In light of this, I suggest you buy a side table. Even better, a house with two sided tables would be great. One will be taller than the other, so the smaller one will fold under the larger one. This allows for a lot of customization in the room and saves space.

Another advantage is the means by which reasonable side tables are contrasted in similar access or brand to foot stools.

The main thing you want to remember with your side table is the surface. When it comes to beautifying a small room, you need less furnishings. So make sure that the level of the nightstand is not too much higher than the level of your sofa seat.

The Mullumack end table shown above is a dream for a small family room. You can get them from Mark Tuckey. There is additional focus for Molmic here as well. The Rydell sofa above is great for a small family room.

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Fix your TV and Entertainment Unit to the Wall

Anything you can get off the ground is going to make the small living room feel larger. So mount that TV on the wall sooner rather than later. You can buy mounts for your TV from places like JB Hifi and they’re pretty affordable. JB Hifi also has a mounting service you can use (I used them to mount my TV).

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Before you mount, and actually before you buy, make sure the TV isn’t too dominant in the room. I know, we all have that partner who wants a TV the size of a cinema screen. But do show some restraint. A big black box in a small living room is going to be so overbearing.

Choose One Wow Moment, and Pare Back the Rest 

You don’t have to have a bland, empty, all-white space. When it comes to how to decorate a small living room, you can abandon all of those urban styling myths. 

Rather than feeling you have to strip back color, or interest, it’s more about choosing your moments. Pick your battles with the room. You can’t have a bright red sofa, with a bright yellow artwork above it, with a leopard print rug. Sure, all of those things could look amazing, but it’s too visually overwhelming in such a small room.

Opt for Floating Shelves or One Tall Corner Shelf

Last but not least, taming clutter! I know, we have a lot of things we love. We want them on display. I am a vignette obsessive and love styling up shelves. But you have to be careful not to jam too many knick knacks into a small living room.

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Instead try a floating shelf above your TV. Or stack a few floating shelves on one of your smaller walls. Style it up with some of your personalized mementoes and other accessories, but keep it simple. Allow pieces room to breathe. 

If you’re in a rental, or don’t want floating shelves installed, try a tall thin shelf. These are super affordable too and will, once again, draw the eye up from the floor. Your small living room will suddenly feel taller and you’ll still have all your favorite things to admire. The corner shelf above from Mocka is a fave of mine.

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