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Top Live Streaming Apps For IOS

Today, live streaming and broadcasting reside in your pocket, via your phone. The iPhone is the ideal solution for streaming on the go due to its high-quality cameras and ease of use.

You can stream live from your phone while incorporating pre-recorded footage and adding graphic overlays in real-time using some powerful iOS live streaming apps. You can also stream locally if you have the right mobile live streaming setup.

The Best IOS Live Streaming Apps

We’ll go over some of the best iPhone streaming apps for iOS. All of these iOS live streaming apps can be found in the App Store. These iOS live streaming apps are live streaming apps for both the iPhone and iPad.

Larix Broadcaster

Our preferred iOS streaming app is Larix Broadcaster. The app is Soft Vellum software that supports a variety of broadcasting tools in order to produce professional-quality broadcasts from a consumer-grade device

Nano stream

Another high-quality live streaming app for the iPhone is nano stream. It supports full HD live streaming at up to 7.5 Mbits per second.

NanoStream connects via RTMP and has similar features to the other apps on this list, such as local recording and support for vertical or horizontal video.

Wirecast Go

Wirecast Go is appealing to broadcasters in particular because it allows you to brand your stream with overlapping texts and images, making it one of the best live streaming apps for iPhone. Wirecast Go also gives you a professional edge by incorporating chat tools to communicate with your viewers and the ability to switch between two different “shots.”

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Airmix is yet another excellent iOS streaming app. Teradek’s app allows broadcasters to mirror their Airmix streams to other screens. This means you can share the content with both remote viewers and those present at the venue.

Broadcast Me

RTMPS streaming, which is more secure than the standard RTMP protocol, is also supported by Broadcast Me.

In either portrait or landscape orientation, video is delivered with an adaptive bitrate.


Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, is a massively popular live streaming platform for desktop and mobile that is primarily used by gamers, though it has seen an increase in the use of it by other independent content creators such as musicians in recent years News.


BeeTV is an Android video-on-demand app that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. This app is completely compatible with the FireStick remote, making it one of my favorite streaming apps. Thousands of hours of content are available for streaming on the app. BeeTV iOS allows you to watch free movies and TV shows on your iPhone or iPad apk.


Several of the apps mentioned are free, we recommend downloading and testing the one you believe will best meet your broadcasting needs.

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