What to Do If You've Misplaced Your Bike KeysAuto 

What to Do If You’ve Misplaced Your Bike Keys

Incredibly, a little piece of chopped metal might be the barrier between your motorbike starting and racing away and getting stuck and possibly needing to pay a few hundred bucks for a flat service for the vehicle and a Taxi for your butterfingered self. But losing your bike keys does happen. Here are some helpful coping strategies and time, money, and frustration-saving advice.

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Always Keep All Of Your Keys In One Place

Nobody wants to drive with a large ball of pounding keys hanging from the ignition. But make it a habit to clip your little motorbike key to the ring that holds your house key, key fobs vehicle key, and several plastic supermarket discount cards every time you get off the bike. Although it adds a step and is inconvenient, it is far simpler to lose one little key than your entire set.

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Decide On A Permanent Location In Your Mind For Your Keys

Losing things like automobile accessories necessitates a certain amount of forgetfulness, yet you can learn to be attentive, just as you are mindful of shutting your gate once you are inside a house or buckling the seatbelt in a vehicle whether you wish to or not. Eventually, it will come naturally to you.

Before You Need Them, Become Familiar With A Reliable Towing Business And A Locksmith

It’s advisable to do your homework on trustworthy, dependable companies before you require them if you want to have your motorcycle flatbed anywhere, like your house or to a dealer. Now is the time to check on Yelp, ask a friend for a recommendation, phone, or check their site to learn about costs and availability and to determine whether the company is a suitable fit for you. 

In the case of a catastrophe or lockout, this will provide you with some mental comfort while you are riding.

Keep A Note Of Your VIN Number In Your Smartphone, Purse, Or Both

A government driving licence or passport, evidence of possession like a registration, transfer, or invoice of sale, and a current insurance card are all required when you contact a dealership or mechanic to have a new key made.

Standard Metal Bike Keys

If your motorbike uses a conventional metal key, you may just have a new key made from your old one. Even if it’s a good idea to have a backup key before you misplace your main.

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The ignition cylinder number or the complete ignition cylinder can be used by a locksmith to create a new key for your motorcycle. The VIN of your motorcycle can be used to reorder a key from a nearby dealer. The most straightforward key to change is a conventional motorbike key.

Vehicle Key Fobs

Many more recent bikes include a fob, just as the majority of modern autos. The issue with a fob is that if you lose it, your motorbike will think that any attempts to access it are attempts to steal it. If you don’t have a spare, you’ll have to tow your motorbike while having a new fob ordered and programmed.

No Immobiliser

The ignition cylinder on older motorcycles without immobilizers will contain a key code that you will need to pull out. Test the seat lock, gas tank, or steering lock if you can’t get the ignition cylinder out; they work the same.

Based on the code, a locksmith must be able to create a key duplicate for a reasonable cost. Call an automobile locksmith if you can’t discover the code or if it has been corroded off.

As long as you can provide ownership documentation, they could potentially be able to assist you according to the model specifications. It’s a smart option to get a backup key cut from your existing bike keys if you just have one key for your pre-immobilizer bike. It’s affordable insurance once more.

Stolen Keys

Never losing your keys is the greatest method to stay away from any of the aforementioned expensive issues. When we store our bikes, many riders—including myself—forget to remove the keys from the bike.

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That’s because there’s a lot to do whenever you stop, such as utilize the kill switch, a side stand, or put on your glasses, helmet, or gloves. It’s simple to overlook getting your key out. Motorbikes with the keys inside have occasionally been stolen by thieves.

Final Words

If you’ve ever misplaced your motorbike key and don’t have a spare, you are aware of the high cost of replacing current keys.

Today’s bike keys frequently feature an ignition immobilizer security code. It may be inscribed or imprinted on a card, signed on purchase receipts or owner’s instructions, etched on a steel tab connected to the key, or written on the key directly.


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