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Invisible Braces : An ideal alternative to Metal braces

It consists of the placement of transparent splints made of plastic. Its biomechanics is practically the same as that of brackets. That is, they work by exerting pressure on the teeth causing them to move to the proper position.

Invisible braces in Islamabad are an ideal alternative for those people who attach great importance to aesthetics during the time the treatment lasts. They allow correcting the teeth without anyone noticing.

In addition to aesthetics, the invisible braces in Islamabad treatment that we carry out at Ensmile Clinics have many other advantages such as comfort.

Since it does not cause friction or sores; it is hygienic, it can be removed at meals and for brushing; and has a fast adaptation. The transparent splints are made to measure for each patient thanks to the 3D technology used for their manufacture.

What are invisible braces and what types are there?

Invisible braces in Islamabad have been a revolution, thanks to the excellent results it offers. And because it guarantees that during the dental correction process you do not have to wear dental braces. 

These invisible braces in the Pakistan system that we make at Ensmile Clinics is based on transparent splints that are made to measure your mouth. They are totally imperceptible so no one will notice that you are wearing them.

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There are two types of invisible braces: the clear aligner system that uses transparent splints. And the incognito system, which is a lingual braces technique. casinofunreview

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Advantages of invisible braces

  • You can imagine they are innumerable.
  • Call me frivolous, but perhaps the main thing for me is aesthetics.
  • Clear aligners are imperceptible from more than half a meter away.
  • And, in special situations, I just take them off and that’s it.
  • But there are many others: they are much less painful (they do not usually cause sores).
  • They facilitate oral hygiene, you can take them off to eat, and they do not affect speech.
  • The control visits are very fast, they hardly break.

How does the treatment work?

Correcting dental alignment is one of the most common processes that we carry out at Ensmile Clinics. Especially if we consider that through this brace’s treatment. Not only will we be able to improve dental aesthetics, but we will also obtain interesting improvements in oral functionality.


  • Ensmile’s certified orthodontist, before the start of any treatment, will plan all the steps of the treatment by computer.
  • Transparent aligners are used whose biomechanics is the same as that of dental brackets
  • The aligners are designed to put pressure on the teeth causing them to move towards the planned position.
  • They are changed every 2 weeks until the end of the treatment.
  • Once finished, the last aligned also serves as a brace’s retainer. creativeyedesign
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Invisible braces price in Islamabad:

Our prices are affordable, probably because of the generalization of such clearly superior treatment. The first visit is free and can be requested on our website.

The cost of this treatment with Ensmile braces in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad is PKR 150,000/-

Invisible braces opinions and testimony:

Approximately 75% of women need some type of invisible braces and… Horror! I am one of them. I’ve been putting off the decision for years because I’m terrified of having something permanently attached to my teeth.

And above all, the first thing that comes to my mind is how my smile will look with metal braces. I admit it though, my teeth look horrible. So, when I heard about invisible braces, I decided to investigate. Works? Is the price of invisible braces affordable? Is it invisible?

To find out about the matter, I went to one of the Ensmile clinics, since they are known for always being among the first to import the latest international treatments in dental health and aesthetics. And, indeed, at Ensmile they had specialists in the most widespread modality of invisible braces and the necessary technology to develop the treatment. I’ll tell you what the process consists of.

First visit:

The first diagnostic visit with the orthodontist certified in invisible braces was free at Ensmile Clinics in Islamabad. The orthodontist interviewed me to get to know my medical history exhaustively, examined my profile and did an intraoral examination.

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After that, he performed a lateral x-ray of my skull and another test that, from what I later found out on his website (, is called orthopantomography. He also took photos and models of my teeth. 


After a while, a video called CLIN Check arrives, and it is an amazing virtual simulation in 3 dimensions of the movements that are going to be made to your teeth. With this video, we will know how our mouth is going to look and how much time we need to invest in Ensmile Clear Aligners. There, the patient decides whether to accept the treatment. If you accept, in a few days the box will arrive with your numbered aligners that CLIN Check has specially designed for your mouth. And that they have been manufactured in transparent acetate plates. Invisible and effective!

Frequency of visits with the orthodontist:

From there, you should change invisible aligners about every 15 days. Although we can agree that the orthodontist gives us 2 or 3 and thus, we space the frequency. Ideally, we should wear them about 20 hours a day, but we can take them off to eat, drink, or in commitments in which we prefer to save them. Depending on the complexity of our case, the duration of treatment varies between 4 and 18 months. Which, compared to traditional treatments, is nothing.

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