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Slice Super Card: Review, Features, Benefits, Apply

The fintech startup Slice created the Slice Super Card in partnership with Visa and its banking partner SBM Bank. It is an entry-level BNPL card which means you can buy stuff now and pay for it later in instalments. The card enables the users to divide (slice) their monthly spending into three equal payments over the following three months. Additionally, there are no joining or renewal fees for the Slice Card, which makes it one of the best credit card in India.

Card details 

Slice super card is one of the best credit card in India in India. With a slice Super card, you can get innumerable rewards and benefits. With the Slice super Card, you can accumulate Reward Points in terms of Monies, which are money that can be exchanged for cashback. For every Re. 1 spent with your Slice Super Card, you get 1 Monies.  fashioncushion

Eligibility criteria Description
Card type An Entry Level Card
Price Zero joining and annual feeInterest rates – 12% to 15% percent (12 Months)Rental Convenience Charge – 1.5% of the total transaction 
Occupation Salaried or Self-employed
Minimum Age Requirement18
Documents required Government ID proof
Best suited for Rewards
Reward rate 2% or more in rewards on each purchase as Monies 
Review 99.95% of Indian businesses that accept Visa credit/debit cards would accept them.

Features of the Slice Card

The Slice credit card is easily available and is well suited for beginners. Through this, you can easily purchase and make the payments at your ease. 

  • Slice Super Card suits those new to credit because the eligibility requirements are lax.
  • You can benefit from all the features of the Slice Super card without paying a joining or annual fee.
  • From Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10 lakh in credit available
  • You can even get new deals every week through Slice spark
  • It also gives you the ease of keeping track of your money, as now you can take notes or add tags to divide the bill among pals.
  • You can also get a waiver of the fuel levy of up to Rs. 200 each billing cycle for fuel purchases under Rs.
  • All businesses and shops that accept Visa Cards also accept the Slice Card.
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Benefits of the Slice Card

The rewards earned through the Slice Super card are redeemed in terms of Monies. Through the card, you can earn instant rewards in a variety of areas, including food, travel, leisure, and more. You can also avail the benefit of getting cashbacks through the card. 

  • Tou don’t have to pay for anything including booking, delivery, annual or joining during the application or use of the card. 
  • A free EMI facility is provided by the super card for the following three months. Slice Super also enables you to pay for large goods in monthly payments.
  • You can even get an emergency loan directly to your bank account through the Slice app.
  • On any refuelling transaction that is less than 5000, you can receive a 200 wave-off in one billing cycle.
  • Through the Slice super card, you can also maintain a great CIBIL score and get aid in future loans and funds.  seafiremedia

How can you apply for a Slice Card?

Through the Slice mobile app, you can apply for the Slice Super Card. You can download the app directly through the play store, or you can visit the Slice website and hit the download button there. 

To apply for the card, you must have a list of documents ready. 

  • ID proof (Voter Card/Aadhar Card/PAN Card, etc.)
  • Address proof (Aadhar Card//Electricity or Telephone Bill/Voter Card etc.)
  • Proof of income (income tax acknowledgement/salary slip)
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Slice Super Card nevertheless has certain advantages even though it isn’t as beneficial as a typical entry-level credit card. Firstly it does not require any annual or joining fee to get a Slice card, and you can pay for your purchases later in smaller instalments over three months. So if you are a beginner at handling credit cards and do not have a great credit score, Slice super card, which is among the best credit card in India, could be the best option for you!

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