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Three functional elements of pressure regulators

If you are unfamiliar with the modern electronic pressure regulator valve equipment then you have landed on the right spot. Here in this post, we are going to discuss details of the modern pressure regulators and their functional elements. In the past pressure, regulation was done manually with the help of expensive air pressure valves but these old valves were not as effective and there was always a problem with getting accurate and desired outputs. 

Today you don’t have to worry about accurate pressure management of fluids because you have electronic pressure regulator valve devices. The digital tools are not only accurate but they are also cheaper than the conventional valves. This is why most people today prefer using low-flow electronic pressure regulator devices. There are different models of these regulators available in the market and so you need to pick one which suits your requirements and aligns with the application you want to use it for. 

Three functional elements of the pressure regulator equipment 

Before you get the best electronic pressure regulator valve it is important that you know about the three main functional elements that are involved in the working of these tools. Here we have explained all three of them in somewhat detail:


The poppet valve which is also known as the pressure reducing element is the first restrictive element in the digital pressure regulator device. The spring-loaded poppet actually consists of an elastomeric or thermoplastic seal. The spring force is responsible for moving the valve away from the seat. When the seat is moved away the fluid pressure increases and is released outwards from the inlet valve. In the same way when the downstream pressure of the poppet drops, the flow balance is also decreased.

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A very important element in the electronic pressure regulator is the piston which is also known as the sensing element. This element is specifically designed for the electronic pressure regulator valve devices in which a high-pressure outlet is required. The piston provides high tolerance to the valve which you cannot see in lower regulation applications. The design of the piston is quite sluggish and this is kept to ensure minimal friction between it and the regulation valve. You must know that piston is only used in regulators which are required in high-pressure management. For low-pressure control, you would need a regulator with a diaphragm that serves the same function.


The third and very important element in the electronic pressure regulator valve is the spring. The spring is also called the reference force element. This was also used in the old mechanical devices. The purpose of the spring is to exert or release pressure on the sensing element which as a result opens or closes the valves. The user can easily adjust the desired outlet pressure by changing the force on the spring. All sorts of electronic pressure regulators use the reference springs for accurate pressure as well as flow management.

These are the three most important functional elements in an electric pressure regulator.

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