All You Need To Know About HA Tunnel Plus

What is Ha Tunnel Plus?

HA Tunnel Plus is an application that helps users utilize the existing protocols of connections that are protected by SSH2.0. By this, there is secure traffic between client and server.

Simple Interface:

The biggest advantage of using HA Tunnel Plus is that its interface is simple and the user does not stick to operating. It appears simple whether you are a first-time user or using it regularly. 

Using the options on the home screen, you can easily customize the startup and other types of connection. You can configure the SNI if you require. It provides practically applicable alternative ways to cross the restrictions that internet service providers often impose on their users. 

There is an astonishing feature that HA Tunnel Plus arbitrarily generates an ID for the user to build a connection with the server. It is possible to export the settings for connection and import them. The configuration file, which includes the encrypted text with all the necessary information, has the “hat” extension Alitech also make complete review of HA Tunnel VPN which you can check it out yourself. 

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The HA Tunnel Plus lets traffic any of the TCP, ICMP, UDP, or IGMP connection protocols. All this is done simply from the android phones of users. 

General Information:


Comhatunnel plus

Operating system:

Android System




More than 47 including English




Art of Tunnel


July 28, 2022



Frequently Asked Questions:

Does HA Tunnel Plus have viruses?

All versions of HA Tunnel Plus are completely free of viruses and safe to download.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free to download.

How to connect with HA Tunnel Plus?

It is easy to connect with HA Tunnel Plus. To completely understand the process, you can watch the tutorials available on the internet

How many MBs does HA Tunnel have?

The size of the HA Tunnel Plus is 19.25 MB. 

Does HA Tunnel Plus work on iPhones?

HA Tunnel Plus is not available in the Apple App Store for download. You can only run the app on iOS devices by installing the android emulator first. 

Other related questions that you will like to find about this Tunnel VPN app can be found on Alitech blog which you can follow up with process to make use of the app there.

Advantages of HA Tunnel Plus:

  • It works well on android and there is no issue with heating the phone. 
  • It works fast and gets you to your required online place in just five minutes.
  • The newer versions of HA Tunnel Plus contain more fixes for bugs and also include resource updates.
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  • It is full of ads and people dislike it for this. Ads appear after every 2 or 5 minutes. 
  • It works properly on a good internet connection. 


When it comes to the configuration of HA Tunnel Plus, there are several ways for it. All you need is an understanding of your network. A working host has a central position in this regard. the files of HA Tunnel Plus can get their country configuration. They are regularly updated by the HA Tunnel Plus Team. 

There are different ways for HA Tunnel Plus to work in different ways that you can find on the internet. 

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