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What are the common Uses of OCR?

Optical character recognition OCR is the technology that is used to extract text from images. The photo to text converter online converter tools are available on the web these days and are majorly being used for multiple purposes. If you don’t know about the uses of OCR and the photo to text converter online converter tools then you need to read this post. In this article, we are going to list the most common and popular uses of OCR.

OCR is being used in different kinds of businesses today. There are both commercial and personal uses of OCR tools. Here in this post, we are going to give you a few examples of the uses of OCR.


Text scanners from image technology is widely being used today in the banking sector. Today banks are using the OCR technology to extract data from checks, mortgage applications, pay slips, loan documents, ATMs, and other services. The main purpose of using the photo-to-text converter online technique is to ensure accuracy in data extraction.


You can also see the use of OCR in insurance companies. Insurance companies across the globe use photo-to-text converter online services in order to provide a better customer experience and service. One can easily digitize documents with OCR. They can also enhance the claim processing venture with the help of OCR supporting technology. You can see the wide use of the photo-to text converter online converters in this industry. 

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You can also see OCR widely being used in the medical industry. You can see that OCR is being used today for storing reports in digital formats. Not only this but for scanning, searching, and exploring the medical histories of patients. In the past, all of this had to be done manually but today you have an image-to-text conversion facility that makes the work quick and digital. Lab tests and x-ray results can also be digitized with the help of OCR tools. One can convert an photo to text converter online within less than seconds.

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Here you should know that OCR is also being used in the OCR industry. Know that there is a lot of paperwork involved in the paper industry which makes it hard to manage. You can easily digitize all case files, legal filings, statements, judgments, notes, and affidavits and can convert them to textual format with the help of this tech. All you need is to use the photo text converter online tool to take images and extract all text from the legal docs and save them in PDF or word format. The workload can be decreased a lot in the legal industry when it comes to using the online image-to-text converter tools.

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The OCR technology can also be seen in the retail industry. Retailers are using a photo to text converter online free tools to capture data from packing lists, bills, invoices, and even purchase orders. This way they can digitally maintain their inventory. Moreover, it also created a better experience for customers. Today digital vouchers are being used for discounts and other prizes which make it easier for customers to avail of discounts.

Tourism and Hospitality

You can also see the use of OCR in the tourism industry. Tourists today are using a photo to text converters online or OCR technology to scan their passports or visa documents on a hotel app or website for bookings. 

End words

There are many more uses of OCR that you can see these days. Even students are using OCR tools to scan their handwritten notes and convert them to digital word format. To know more about OCR you should try using the best image to text tools!

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