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Why Should I Pay For a Custom Spray Tan?

Why may anyone ever pay a great deal of money for a custom airbrush tan? There are a lot of people asking the same question every day. Well, it goes without saying; it sure seems like a lot of money is “paid up” for a sunless tan that lasts somewhere around 7-10 days. But, when you calculate the costs to your health involved with UV tanning, the spray tan sounds like a real bargain.

The main ingredient used in spray tans is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It has had the approval of the FDA for a long time and is fundamentally seen as being safe by the tanning industry. For people who have a tendency to burn in the sun and for those who have a hard time tanning in the sun or tanning booths, spray tan near me offers a safe alternative.

UV Tanning Can Cause Great Damage

Even for people who can acquire a tan relatively easily, a spray tan can have huge benefits over UV tanning. Just because someone can tan easily with UV exposure does not mean he/she is not doing great damage to their skin. 

A person in their 20s may not perhaps foresee the long-term damage connected with UV tanning. But we all may have seen the 35-40 years old who have spent a lifetime in the sun. The increase in age spots, wrinkles, the roughness of the skin, moles, and freckles all are a direct outcome of excessive time spent in the sun. Tanning beds are no safer, either. They have similar problems associated with them, like outside sun exposure.

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Custom Spray Tan Is Cost-effective

With custom airbrush/spray tanning, you enjoy the best of both worlds. Spray tan booths, although better than UV tanning, have the tendency to give you uneven and orange color since they are a one-size-fits-all approach. With a custom spray tan near me, an airbrush expert tailors your color and sprays it on your body evenly, fading it in the areas that will naturally be lighter, even with sun tanning. It is a rather costly path to tread, but over time, and with regular spray tans, it can tend to last longer, especially with adequate maintenance. We also offer rapid spray tan & PH balancing spray tan.

The Summary

Hence, the more you spray tan, the less costly it gets over time. Generally, you can buy packages to help counterbalance the cost as well. Some good companies will offer discounts for multiple spray tans. Spray tanning is quite expensive at the start, but you can get a comparable color to UV tanning in 3-4 sessions a month. Some companies even provide the facility of mobile airbrush tanning, which would save you both time and gas. Spray tans have become a cost-effective way to maintain a beautiful bronze color year around.

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