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15 Takeout Restaurants Open Now Near Me

Find the best takeout restaurants open now near me in Montreal and place your order for delivery or takeout from nearby eateries. The takeout restaurants open now near me on this list presently provide pick-up service. Numerous businesses are now providing delivery services, whether they are performed manually, through local platforms, or by market giants like Uber Eats and DoorDash.

Nora Gray

There is something to be said about Elena’s sister restaurant Nora Gray in Griffintown, which is only around the street from the Bell Center, despite the fact that many Montrealers have been flocked to the South West to indulge in wood-fired pizza at Elena (which right now also provides amazing takeout).

The modern Italian restaurant near me established itself as a mainstay on the island because of its extensive natural wine selection, incomparable house-made pasta, and delicious seasonal Italian food, all of which are surprisingly easy to pack for takeout.


The best restaurant serving diverse flavors from the Middle East and the Mediterranean is Boustan. The majority of Boustan’s locations are available for takeout, and they also accept online orders. You might place a direct order from their website or one of the following delivery services: Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, or DoorDash.

Vin Papillon

Although there are many top-notch wine bars in Montreal’s neighborhood, Vin Papillon is always worth the trip to Little Burgundy. The vegetable-friendly Joe Beef sister restaurant started its transition to takeout with homemade veggie burgers and summer salads, but more recently the seasonal menu has changed to the classic meals the wine bar is most known for, including the lauded Jambon de la Petite Bourgogne.

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The exceptional French bistro food and extensive wine list at L’express have earned it a loyal following. The St. Denis restaurant has started to offer expertly packaged takeout meals, from Croque monsieur to house-made ravioli, for those who would prefer to dine at home.  Place an order at takeout restaurants open now near me and enjoy your meal at your home. Its takeout service is available from Thursday to Saturday.


This food near me is open now for takeout. Damas has established itself as a favorite among the wealthy from across the island because of its outstanding Syrian cuisine and Persian-inspired decor. All the à la carte menu items, including the mouthwatering hot and cold mezzos and charcoal-grilled dishes, are currently available for curbside pickup and no-contact delivery at the exclusive.

Burrito Revolucion

Burrito Revolucion, which is situated on Ontario St. in Hochelaga, offers build-your-own burritos that are sure to tickle your taste buds. However, they also provide tacos, burrito bowls, and other items in addition to burritos. Grab a burrito, then proceed to Parc Lalancette and eat it there. This food delivery near me is open now for takeout.

Chez Sophie

Chez Sophie’s food undoubtedly draws inspiration from the chef’s earlier years spent in France and Italy. There are twelve distinct starting options, and there are three separate categories of main dishes: ones that pay homage to Italy, ones that are influenced by the sea, and ones that reflect the land.

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Please be aware that the menu may change depending on the season. Another alternative is the tasting menu, which is a fantastic choice if you want to sample a variety of Chez Sophie’s delectable dishes.

Maison Boulud

This fine dining establishment offers a menu that changes with the seasons and the diverse offerings of Québec suppliers thanks to its French-trained chef. Enjoy Mediterranean flavors and Lyonnais charcuterie, meals made especially for Maison Boulud. The end effect is a cuisine that is upscale yet cutting-edge, warm, and sociable.

Satay Brothers

This establishment, which is located in the center of Saint-Henri on Notre-Dame St., is a favorite among many locals. The best restaurant serving south-east Asian cuisine in all of Montreal is most certainly this one, which serves delicious Singaporean street food. Because it is a popular place, phone in your order as soon as possible.

Fugazzi Pizza

The Pointe-Saint-Charles wood-oven pizza comes up to the reputation and is found across the canal. Vegetarian and meat eaters alike can choose from dishes made with delectable fresh ingredients. It is also essential to sample the pasta from Fugazzi.


Yet another Caribbean eatery, but this one is situated in the city’s center on St. Catherine’s. The griot bowl is really incredible, and they even added their own twist while maintaining the authenticity of the original recipe. The mac and cheese is an amazing winner when it comes to delicious meals.

Le Pois Peniche

Le Pois Penche has smoothly transitioned to both takeout and free delivery while being most known for its opulent downtown patio and upscale happy hours. This contemporary French bistro, open Tuesday through Saturday, is well known for its top-notch tartars, steak fries, and vegetarian-friendly mushroom cavatelli.

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Estiatorio Milos

The Greek à la carte menu travels surprisingly well, even though it can be difficult to envisage a restaurant like Milos making house calls. Market-fresh oysters, lobster from Nova Scotia, and grilled vegetables with mint yogurt and Akawi cheese make for an elegant at-home tasting menu. However, call a few hours in advance to confirm that your top choices are available.

Maison Du Mademoiselle Dumpling

The greatest dumplings in Montreal can be found at this delicious eatery on St. Hubert. They provide a wide variety of meat and vegetarian dishes in addition to several non-dumpling options. Maison du Mademoiselle Dumpling performs well, offering fair rates and a good selection of dumping dishes.

Grillade Le Uptown

Huge portions and affordable prices can be found at Grillade Le Uptown, which is situated in the Plateau on Mont-Royal. The chef creates comfort cuisine to perfection despite the menu being fairly limited. Everything on the menu is a wonderful choice, including the tempura shrimp, chicken wrap, fried chicken, French fries, and an uptown burger.


Read our guide for the most recent details on delivery and takeout restaurants open now near me. Many eateries in Montréal make it simple for locals to take their favorite flavors home. Here is a list of just a few of the restaurants that provide takeout or delivery service.

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