How to update drivers for free

For several days now, you have encountered various problems using your PC: from the video card that overheats too much to the webcam that works “intermittently”. After looking for solutions, which turned out to be useless, you are thinking of changing your PC. How to update drivers for free. What if I told you that doing this probably wouldn’t be necessary?

Yes: in some cases, the causes of the malfunction of the hardware components and peripherals of the PC are attributable to the drivers. But what exactly is a driver? Translating it literally means “driver”, and this is exactly what a driver does: it “guides” the operating system in communicating with the hardware components of a PC and the connected peripherals.

How to update Windows 10 drivers

If you have a PC equipped with Windows, here is how to update the drivers of Windows 10 and Windows 11 in a completely safe and How to update drivers for free, above all, a free way, using both the system tools and the official third-party tools of the various manufacturers.

Windows Update to update drivers for free

The first solution you have from yours, fast and integrated into the operating system, concerns the use of Windows Update, the official Microsoft tool for downloading and installing operating system updates, and, in fact, generic drivers for components and peripherals.

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Updates are downloaded and installed completely automatically. The only requirement is that Windows Update is active. Just Check out this for more interesting information. If, from time to time, you want to “manually” check the availability of system updates, drivers, and other optional updates, all you have to do is press the Start button (the flag icon located in the lower corner), type Windows Update in the search bar and click Check for Updates in the Best Match.

If any updates are made, they will be downloaded and installed immediately. Some updates may require a restart, which can be easily scheduled according to your needs. For more information, I will link you to my Windows 10 (and later) updates guide.

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Device management to update drivers for free

The second solution you can turn to, also integrated into Windows, is Device Manager: a software that allows the user to view a list of all the hardware components and peripherals connected to their PC. In addition, it allows you to search for and install any driver updates.

To reach this panel, simply click the Start button, search for Device Manager and click on the best match. A window will open with all the hardware components and peripherals currently connected to your PC by category. Check out this Link. For example, if you want to update the generic video card drivers, you will have to click on the Display adapters section, then you will have to right-click on your video card and choose Update Driver from the menu that opens.

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In the update window, you will have to click on Search automatically for drivers if you want Windows Update to search and install the latest driver automatically, or on Search for drivers on your computer if you have downloaded it and want to install it manually.

If a driver update is available, the system will install it without you having to lift a finger. However, if no update is available, you will be told that the installed driver is already the most recent one.

However, if you are not convinced, you can search for one directly in Windows Update by clicking, within the same window, on Search for updated drivers in Windows Update.

Manufacturers’ sites and utilities

If the “automatic” Windows tools have not been of help, you must necessarily contact the official sites and utilities of hardware and peripheral manufacturers How to update drivers for free. Whether you want to update audio drivers, printer drivers, or anything else, don’t worry, as manufacturers always provide drivers and utilities on their sites to keep them updated.

Let’s say you want to know how to update video card drivers. The main GPU manufacturers are NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel, offering driver sections on their respective websites.

By visiting the relevant sections and selecting the specific product your PC is equipped with, you can download and install the official driver for your video card in just a few clicks. However, NVIDIA and AMD have software that can detect the product on your PC and offer you the appropriate update.

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