PayPal payment: How it works

PayPal payment: How it works. Chatting recently with a friend, you learned about PayPal; it immediately fascinated you, so you rushed to the Web to find out more about it, especially regarding the payment issue. Having done your research, you are finished here, on my site, hoping to find the information you want.

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If you give me a few minutes of your time, I can explain how PayPal payment works by showing you all the formulas and methods available and the requirements necessary to use them. Believe me, although it may seem the opposite, in reality, there is nothing complex to learn: being more or less computer savvy makes little difference.

What is PayPal

Before explaining how the payment on PayPal works, I think it is worth taking a quick step back and seeing more about what PayPal is.

Well, PayPal is a service created to simplify payments on and via the Internet greatly. It allows private citizens and companies to make money transfers online without providing their credit card numbers or bank account details, protecting those who send and receive money from scams.

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It includes personal accounts (intended for single users, individuals, to purchase goods and services online and exchange money with other users registered for the service) and business accounts (for companies, with access to up to 20 users, extra functions compared to personal accounts).

It can also be used comfortably from smartphones and tablets (via the app for Android and iPhone / iPad ) and provides interesting protections for sellers and buyers, which allow you to obtain refunds in case of scams.

How PayPal payments work

Now that you know what it is let’s move on to see how to make and receive payments on PayPal.

PayPal payment without an account

You need to know that although PayPal works best with an account, you can also use it to pay without an account. Does this seem impossible to you? Well, it makes perfect sense, but we must look at it from another angle.

PayPal is a service that, in addition to being created for monetary transactions between individuals, also has a strong propensity for use by companies and merchants. This means that a company with a business account with PayPal has every interest in the world to receive payments through this service.

For this reason, PayPal has created a system allowing non-users to pay through it. There are now several e-commerce platforms that offer this system to customers.

Suppose you find on a site the possibility to buy a good or service through PayPal. In that case, you can choose it as a payment method, enter the details of a card compatible with the service (such as Visa or Mastercard) and proceed with the payment for any other online purchase. You also read interesting articles on my website. This service, called PayPal Checkout, is not designed to offer particular benefits to the customer as it is an effective solution for the merchant. For more details, I am leaving you my article on how to pay with PayPal without an account.

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Let’s also see how to create an account on PayPal, which remains the most recommended solution to take full advantage of the service. To do this, the first fundamental step you must take is to connect to the service’s home page and press the Register button at the top right.

paypal working fucntioning

On the new page, choose whether to open a personal or a business account by selecting one of the two available options and clicking on the Continue button. Choose the country of origin, enter a telephone number and fill out the form proposed to you by typing all the required data in the appropriate fields and then presses on continue.

Once you have completed everything, check the box next to the wording. I confirm that I have read and accepted the terms of use and the PayPal privacy policy at the bottom, and I press the Accept and register button to move on to the next step. Check out this Link. As the last step, you must decide what you will use PayPal for (the choice is not binding) and enter a card or a bank account to be associated with your profile.

For more details on these procedures, please read my tutorial on how to open a PayPal account, through which I proceeded to talk to you about the matter in great detail.

Credit card, current account, and PayPal balance

In the previous lines, I mentioned that when creating a PayPal account, it is good to provide the data relating to your credit card or current account. This is an essential step to use your account, verify your identity and make and receive payments. However, you can decide, at a later time, to add other cards or accounts: let’s see how.

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To begin with, log into your PayPal account, select the item Make or receive payments, then press on the item Bank accounts and cards. From here, you can see your current balance and, by scrolling down, the associated cards and associated accounts. To add an account or card, press the Link a bank account or Link a card button that you find under the respective entries. From here, enter the data and then press the confirm button.

You will then need to verify the card or account based on the connection. In the first case, you will be charged a small amount, around 1.50 euros. After one or two days, you will have to consult the card statement, write down the verification code present in the reason for the charge made by PayPal and type it on the site to verify your identity. However, two small credits will be made in the case of the bank account, and you will have to enter the exact figures received on the site.


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