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10 Cat Breeds That Surprisingly Love Water 

Our common perception of cats is that they are not water-loving animals. But there are 10 cat breeds that love splashing water. It is surprising, right? Many cat breeds have water-resistant furs that dry out quickly. 

Some of these breeds originate from places near water bodies, and some breeds have short coats that don’t hold much water. But remember, like every human being, every cat is different. So, your cat may be on this list but still avoids water. It also depends on their experiences, and exposure to water.  

10 Cat Breeds That Love Water: – 

  1. Abyssinian – Their origin is the Indian Ocean coastal area, so the reason for their love for water is clear. They are energetic and playful cats; water splashing is their favorite activity.
  2. American Bobtail – These cats are very social and active. They love jumping in the water and if you put some toys in a tub, they will be busy for some time. You can often find them catching water drops under the tap.
  3. American Shorthair – It is a cat breed that loves being active and playful. They are pretty powerful and agile cats with immense love for the water. They enjoy taking baths and playing in the toilet.
  4. Bengal – If you find Bengal cats for sale, you must buy these cute playful animals. They love to keep themselves clean; so, bathing in water is a must for them. A tub of water with a few toys in it is enough to keep them engaged.
  5. Japanese Bobtail- These cats enjoy swimming but if they do not get to swim they can wet their paws anywhere. So, cover your bowls and drinking glasses quickly.
  6. Maine Coon – Maine coon is the largest domestic cat breed that enjoys playing in the water. Their hair is water-resistant; so, they do not get scared of water.
  7. Manx – Manx has its origin on the island of Man. Because of this, they seem to enjoy water quite naturally.
  8. Norwegian Forest Cat – Though Norwegian forest cats have thick hair, their hair is water-resistant. They are amazing fish hunters and great swimmers.
  9. Savannah – They are an inquisitive, happy breed of cats that love swimming.
  10. Siberian Cat – Originally from Russia these cats can withstand water pretty naturally.
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Final Words-

Most cats are petrified of water; they do not like the feeling of being wet. So, bathing them becomes really challenging. Cats do not like to be forced to do something. So, try to habituate them to water from a young age. At first, clean them with a damp towel, and gradually introduce them to water.

Make sure your cat is comfortable at every stage of the process; making them panic-stricken is not what you want. If you get Bengal cats for sale, you can introduce them to water from the very childhood. They love bathing and enjoy playing in the water.

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