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Video Wall Controller Can Improve Your Business Graphics

How a Video Wall Controller Can Improve Your Business Graphics

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You have most likely worked in an office where one or more large, flat-screen televisions are mounted on the wall as part of the office decorations. Sometimes, the television shows a slideshow of images or other business information. Whether or not you have used this display in your office, you may have wondered how they are managed and controlled. Here’s how to turn your TV into a video wall controller with software that allows you to control it locally or remotely.

 A Quick Look at How the Infini Wall System Works

No one enjoys being in front of a blank, uninteresting presentation screen. Still, with InfiniWall Systems, you can quickly and easily create a video wall that displays precisely what you want. The system’s video wall controllers are easy-to-use Windows desktop surfaces that can be controlled locally or remotely, so you’re always in charge of the presentation. Set up your video wall to display anything from charts and graphs to custom videos. Whether it’s a PowerPoint deck or corporate marketing videos, you’ll never run out of content with the Infini Wall System.

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Video Wall Systems work by mounting multiple displays together on the same plane while retaining their independence as individual monitors.

Why Use Infini Wall?

There are many benefits to using video wall controllers in business. Video wall systems can be used for education, training, advertising, and more. With just one video wall controller, you can simultaneously give presentations and videos on all screens; this is perfect for any lecture or presentation. You can also use your photos or graphics as well. You can even use remote controls to adjust any video displayed with the touch of a button!

The Advantages of Using Infini Wall

The Infini Wall video wall system and video wall screens offer all the features of any business display, with a few perks you don’t see in other video walls. These include:

  • Remote control system.
  • Wide range of connectivity.
  • 16:9 ratio display mode.
  • Video input and output capability.
  • Range of monitor types.
  • Panel kits are designed to be as easy as possible to install.

Typical Applications

Video wall screen offer another great way to bring your graphics and data to life by displaying them on a larger scale for the viewer. A video wall controller enables users to control multiple screens that have been cascaded together, which can be set up with their computer in front of it or controlled remotely. Video wall controllers allow you to easily display any Windows graphics and control them locally or remotely. Other things to consider when picking out the suitable video wall controller are features like touchscreen functionality, integration with third-party software like PowerPoint and 3D visualization, interactive buttons and menu, and scalability of screen sizes, among others. This is one feature that would be perfect for the business setting.

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Other Functions

While video wall screens are one of the most significant benefits, they also offer an efficient way to manage information flow with touch-sensitive kiosks and multi-touch displays. Beyond that, video wall controllers provide a more flexible way to design collections with various layout options and multiple types of inputs. Furthermore, there is a lower risk of failure because video wall controller technology is much more reliable than older technologies. Video walls don’t even need to be flat panels, either. They can consist of projectors and OLED screens or any combination thereof. There are almost no limits to what you can do with video walls since you can use different shapes like cubes or circles for your display. They have become much more accessible as well–they’re not just for tech giants anymore!

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