How to download free music on a PCTECHNOLOGY 

How to download free music on a PC

Are you looking for some good music to put on your playlists? Are you making a video montage and need a song to use as background music in the latter? Maybe I can help you… indeed, the many solutions that nowadays allow you to download free music on a PC can do it.

A few examples? Well, there is the timeless peer-to-peer software that allows you to download music from the Internet by sharing songs with people all over the world, the file hosting services that allow you to download any type of file directly from the browser (without sharing them with other users) and then there are the “free” music sites through which it is possible to download music from the Internet and freely reuse it in personal or commercial projects (if their license allows it). If you want to know more, keep reading: below are waiting for you some of the best resources belonging to all the categories listed above.

P2P software to download free music on a PC

Let’s start with peer-to-peer software, those that allow you to download free music to your PC by sharing songs, albums, and any other type of file with connected users from all over the world.

BitTorrent (Windows / Mac / Linux)

The BitTorrent network is one of the most used P2P networks in the world. Several clients are different programs that allow you to share files on the latter, and qBitTorrent is certainly one of the best in absolute terms: it is free, open source, and compatible with almost all operating systems. Check out this Link. Furthermore, unlike uTorrent and other more “noble” software, it does not include advertising banners and does not offer annoying promotional content during installation.

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To download qBitTorrent on your PC, connect to its official website and click first on the  BitTorrent vxx installer item located near the Windows flag and then on the Download qBittorrent Windows item (on the page that opens). If you are using a Mac, first click on the qBitTorrent vxx item next to the Apple logo and then the Download qBittorrent Mac item (on the page that opens).

When the download is complete, if you are using a Windows PC, open the file you just downloaded on your PC and click on Yes and OK  and  Next. Then put the check mark next to the item  I accept the license conditions and complete the software installation process by clicking on  Next twice in a row and then on  Install and  Finish. You also read interesting articles on my website. If you are using a Mac, open the dmg package you downloaded from the qBitTorrent website and install the software on your computer by dragging its icon to the Applications folder of OS X.qbittorrent_xx_setup.exe

At this point, start qBitTorrent (on Mac, only the first time you start the software, you may need to right-click on its icon and select the Open item from the menu that opens) and call up the software search function by selecting the Search Engine item from the View menu (top left). If you use Windows, you may be asked to install Python, a free and open source software necessary for the correct functioning of the qBitTorrent search engine: accept and wait a few moments for the operation to be completed automatically. It will take a few seconds.

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Now, you have to select the BitTorrent Search tab (top right), search for the song or album you want to download and start the download by double-clicking on its title. Try to select the Torrents with a high number of seeders that is, of complete sources available; this way, the downloads will be faster.

Note: for BitTorrent to work properly, you need to enter the administration panel of your modem/router and open the program’s port to accept incoming connections. If you don’t know how to do it, you will find everything explained in my guide on how to open the router ports. To find out which port is used by BitTorrent to accept incoming connections, you need to go to the Tools> Program Options menu and select the Connection item from the window that opens. The value you are interested in is indicated in the Port used for the incoming connections field.


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