Firetruck game – What is it? Why you shouldn’t agree to play itGames 

Firetruck game – What is it? Why you shouldn’t agree to play it

With the “97%” moving on TikTok, a game you shouldn’t play has shown up at the surface. What’s the Firetruck Game ?

After the shocking homicide of Sarah Everard in the UK, females have now been talking on person to person communication about the battles that females go through consistently. The Firetruck game has been distinguished by numerous females as an interesting provocation game that you shouldn’t consent to play and here’s the reason.

The “97 per cent” TikTok trend explained

The “97%” pattern is taking over TikTok spreading a significant message across web-based entertainment.

An examination by UN Women UK delivered in March 2021, uncovered that 97% of ladies matured 18-24 have now been physically bugged, implying that essentially all UK female populace has encountered a poll of lewd behavior.

The examination likewise uncovered that more than 96% of the ones who have encountered lewd behavior, didn’t report it since they figured it won’t have any effect.

With the ascent of the “97%” pattern on TikTok, a game that can be used to physically bug ladies has been surfacing, named ” fire engine game.”

What’s the Firetruck game ?


The Fire Truck game is actually a high contrast 1978 arcade game , however these days it’s an alternate game.

The Firetruck game typically includes a woman and a man. The man finds out if he can appreciate with her the ” fire engine game ,” where he proceeds to contact her body until she says “stop.”

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The most awful piece of the game is that at whatever point the female says “red light,” the man should communicate: “fire engines don’t stop at red lights” and keep contacting her without assent.

Why you shouldn’t play the Firetruck Game
While the Firetruck game might appear to be a guiltless minimal game from the outset, it might bring about lewd behavior.

Female person to person communication clients recognize the fire engine game as the earliest types of rape, improperly standardized in more youthful ages, particularly in school years.

Quit normalizing the fire engine game. It’s anything but a game , it’s perilous and a poll of lewd behavior.

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