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How Shazam works

You are out with friends when you suddenly hear the notes of a famous song coming in the background; you’ve heard that song a million times, but you just can’t remember the title. Well, this is just one of those circumstances in which Shazam, a very famous app owned by Apple, can be particularly useful.

It is, in fact, a service capable of acquiring the audio of the song being listened to through the microphone integrated into the device in use and making use of special music recognition technologies and referring to an immense database of songs of ” score” the title. This artist performed it, the album of origin, and much other interesting information.

How do you say? Is it just the kind of solution you were looking for? If that’s the case, let me explain better how Shazam work: you just need to dedicate a few minutes of your precious time to read the next chapters, and you will soon be able to identify the name of a song heard on the radio in record time. The Internet, on TV, on the street, or played on the device where you have chosen to install the application in question. So, a deal is done? Perfect, in that c, as I wish you good continuation and have fun!

How to use Shazam on a smartphone/tablet

To begin with, I would like to show you how to use Shazam on smartphones and tablets: the application for mobile devices is particularly convenient and functional, as it allows you to recognize the songs in different situations even while on the move.

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In addition to illustrating the functions on Android smartphones and iPhones / iPads, I have dedicated a separate chapter to how to use Shazam in the background. In this way, you can activate the automatic detection of the songs being played in other applications on the device itself.

How Shazam works on Android

If you want to find out how Shazam works on Android, download the app in question by accessing this link to the Play Store. If your device does not have Google services, I recommend you check the alternative stores.

From the start, it is possible to immediately recognize a song by pressing the button with the symbol of a stylized S that appears in the center of the screen and subsequently provide the necessary authorization for access to the microphone. You also read interesting articles on my website. The system will simultaneously acquire the audio and then compare the fingerprint of the song being played with the elements present in your archive, proposing the result obtained within a few seconds.

Bottom Line

Here, in addition to the title of the song, the number of times it has been “shamed,” and the name of the artist who performed it, by scrolling the screen, you can get more information about his most famous hits and any scheduled concerts or, for example, view (where possible) the official video of the song on YouTube. In the upper part, however, you will be able to access the text of the song through special features or share the discovery on your messaging apps or your favorite social networks.

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You will certainly be pleased that Shazam also integrates different options for listening to the song: the result screen first shows a button that refers to the Apple Music streaming service, for which you need to subscribe with costs starting from 9 99 euros per month (with 1-month free trial), but by pressing the symbol of the three vertical dots at the top right you can alternatively select both Spotify and YouTube Music, which are both available for free.

In the End

To return to the main screen and perform a new search, simply touch the button with the arrow symbol at the top left and repeat the operations described above. Check out this Link. However, if you intend to use Shazam frequently and want to keep all the results, I recommend that you register for a dedicated profile.

To do this, press the Library item located at the top left (or swipe from left to right) and then touch the gear symbol always placed at the top left, then press the Register or log in button and choose whether to associate yours. Google account or go through the standard sign-up process via email address.

Remaining in the settings screen, I also point out the possibility of permanently associating the Apple Music and Spotify services by pressing the respective Connect button and logging in with the relevant credentials if required. This way, you can listen to the songs recognized directly from the result screen or the Library by integrating a special player connected to the chosen music streaming service app. On the other hand, the Auto Shazam function allows, once activated, to perform continuous recognition of songs without the need to interact with the app.

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