How to delete Quora from GmailTECHNOLOGY 

How to delete Quora from Gmail

On the advice of some friends, you used your Gmail account to sign up for Quora, a popular forum platform where users can post questions and answers on any topic (even a very technical one). However, after spending some time using the site in question, you have noticed that you receive too many emails from it, so you would like to know how to opt-out of receiving such messages.

If that’s the case, don’t worry, I’m here to help. In this tutorial, I will explain how to delete Quora from Gmail, helping you to unsubscribe and manage preferences for receiving emails and notifications. Also, I’ll provide you with other helpful solutions, such as disassociating your Google account or completely deleting your Quora account.

If, therefore, now you can’t wait to start, read carefully what I am about to illustrate and, above all, put into practice the procedures that I will provide you. You will see that, following this guide of mine, in one way or another,r you will succeed in the intent you have proposed. I wish you a good read and a bit of big good luck for everything!

How to remove Quora from Gmail

To know how to delete Quora from Gmail, all you have to do is continue reading. Go and visit my article and also check out my site. In the next chapters of this tutorial, I will explain the steps to take relating to different types of operations that can be implemented to stop receiving emails or notifications from by Quora.

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Unsubscribe from emails

The first thing you can do to delete Quora from Gmail is to cancel the receipt of email notifications related to certain events, such as those you receive when someone answers a question you are following on the platform.

To do this, log into Gmail from your PC, smartphone, or tablet and look for an email received from Quora of the type you no longer want to receive.

Scroll down the message and click on the site.m If you no longer wish to receive these emails in the future, unsubscrie n order to view the preference management for the type of email received on the Quora site.

Finally, check the Disabled item and press the Save preferences button to confirm the operation.

Manage preferences for emails and notifications

Do you want to disable all types of emails and notifications from Quora? In this case, you can proceed via the Quora website or app for Android (also available on alternative stores ) or iOS / iPad 

After logging in to your account, click on your profile picture at the top and, in the menu displayed, select the Settings item and then the Email and notifications item.

At this point, if you work from a computer, you can manage the receipt of notifications via e-mail and push notifications on the browser regarding the different sections available for which it is possible to receive notifications (for example, Spaces ). Therefore, move the levers related to the emails and notifications you do not want to receive to OFF.

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However, if you act as a smartphone/tablet, you can manage preferences for receiving Push notifications via Email. Have a look at my article. Therefore, press on both menu items and disable notifications, moving the levers displayed for the sections of your interest to OFF.

Disconnect the Google account

Wondering how to delete Quora from Gmail because you want to disconnect the Google account, you connected to the platform? To do this, you can proceed from the Quora website or app for smartphones/tablets.

To do this, log into your account on your chosen device and click on your profile picture at the top. Once this is done, click on Settings> Accounts.

Now, in the Accounts and corresponding contacts section, press on the word Disconnect related to the Google account previously connected to your account. Finally, confirm the operation by pressing the Disconnect button.

Change the email connected to the account.

Alternatively, you can change the email associated with your account, adding an email address other than Gmail and then setting it as primary and deleting the Google email previously connected to your account. To do this from a computer or smartphone/tablet, go to the Settings> Account section and refer to the Add email item.

Then type the new email you want to use in the text field displayed and click on the Add Email button. If requested, enter your password for confirmation and confirm the addition of the new email address by pressing the verification button at the email address indicated.

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At this point, to change the email and set the one just added as the main one, click on the Set as the main item corresponding to it. Finally, click the Remove item to remove the previous Gmail email address.


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