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What Types Of Custom Boxes are Important for Business?

The world is filled with glamour. Finding the right custom box for your product can really prove beneficial to your business. Therefore, if you are finding the answer to your ultimate packaging question, we have some great kinds of custom boxes that you can try.

Custom Sleeve Boxes

Custom sleeve boxes consists of two parts. The first is the hood in which the sider or box is fitted. Many companies know the value and importance of its impact on the customer’s mind. Thus, the unboxing experiences can really make them your regular customers. Retailers use this packaging to give luxe touch and gift appeal. 

Due to its appealing and captive nature, it’s drawing the attention of a great audience. Moreover, it is really easy to use and can be used for multiple types of products. It really highlights the inside product and help in giving brand recognition.

Magnet Closure Boxes

These custom boxes are super comfortable to use. Thus, this is the reason that they have made their mark in the commerce market. Unlike the other boxes, they have a piece of magnet in their upper lid that is folded in such a way that at closing, it comes in contact with the front wall of the box. 

The box’s front wall contains a metal strip that attaches the magnet and keeps it in a close tucked position. This type of custom boxes comes with  hard paper board, making it nearly impossible to deform while shipping. These is best for delicate and fragile products like watches and glass bottles. They keep the products safe and have a sleek design to impress with their simplicity.

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Gable Boxes

These boxes are the most creative ones on the list. They have a shape more like a cube from the bottom and look like a hut from the top. Its hood has enfolding. This enfolding has various slits that fit into each other and make up its unique design. Such Custom hair extension boxes are best option for packing hair products. For retail companies, it is the best type of custom box. Its shipping is easy without any spoilage of the product. Therefore, it makes them a reliable business partner.

Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes are uniquely designed and mostly used to pack luxury products of premium quality. These boxes have three main parts. Thus, a base, a lid and a shoulder for the lid to sit. Thus, it discloses several customizing options for you, from printing to the colour scheme and the material used.

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 Thus, they are mostly made up of thick, rigid paper that does not deform. Perhaps, you can make it look more eye-catching by adding  tiny details to it. Therefore, the best idea would be to print up the logo on the boxes to make them unique and the colour contrast between the shoulder base and lid.

The See-through Window

This type of packing really is the best for the products that have to be chosen. Therefore, like makeup and hair products. These boxes have a transparent see-through window, and this window allows you to have the enchanting sight of your dream product. 

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For instance, such packing is great for custom hair extension packaging. Hair extensions are a delicate product, and this packing always proves to be the most convenient hair extension boxes. Moreover, it is perfect for packaging of toys so that the little customers choose your box at first sight.

 Simple Folded Boxes

Simple folded boxes are the popular type of packaging. Thus, they are inexpensive and still meet the needs and requirements of product packaging. Therefore, they have all the necessary characteristics that a packaging box must have. Perhaps, they are durable. They protect the product from damage and harm. 

Custom hair extension boxes are easy to use and customers can reuse after opening packaging. Their durability very largely depends on the material you choose to manufacture them. Designers use right material; thus, you have the most versatile packaging in your hand. All of these boxes have their own great features you can always choose from them. by selecting any of these boxes, you can give your product an eye catchy appeal and give your business a boost.

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