App to move from internal memory to SD?TECHNOLOGY 

App to move from internal memory to SD

Here we go again: you bought a smartphone or tablet with a rather limited amount of memory, and now you find yourself fighting every day with annoying warnings about the limited space available. The most immediate solution to the problem is to buy a microSD card and move most of the files that weigh down the device’s internal memory to move from internal memory to SD: photos, videos, documents, apps, and so on. App to move from internal memory to SD?

How do you say? Have you already purchased a microSD card but don’t know how to configure its use on your device properly? Perfect, I am happy to tell you that you have come to the right place at the right time. With today’s guide, I will point out some apps to move from internal memory to SD, and I will explain to you to transfer all the files you deem necessary from the internal memory to your device. In addition, I will also show you how to move apps to the SD card so that you can further free up your device’s internal storage.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a tech genius: by following my advice to the letter, you will quickly learn how to transfer photos, files, apps, and other data from your device’s internal memory to the external one. Make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and continue reading the next paragraphs. Happy reading and good work!

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App to move files from internal memory to SD

Once you have inserted the SD card inside your smartphone, you can finally take action and start transferring the files inside it. How do you say? Have no idea how to proceed and which apps to move files from internal memory to SD you could use?

Before proceeding, I want to clarify that, usually, inside all smartphones, there are file management apps that allow you to manage both the internal memory and the SD card and transfer files to the latter. Go and visit my article and also check out my site. Since each brand usually uses different apps, below, I will tell you about some very complete third-party apps that you can use on any smartphone.

Files di Google

The first app I want to talk to you about is Google Files. It is a real file manager created by the Mountain View company that you usually find already installed by default on Google devices and those Android smartphones that use a stock interface App to move from internal memory to SD. If it is not present, do not worry. Just download it free from the Play Store according to the usual procedure.

With the app installed, open it, tap on the Continue button, and then on Allow. Once on the main screen of the app, to manage the files in the device memory, touch on the Browse tab located in the bottom bar, then scroll down and touch on the Internal memory item (if you have inserted the SD card correctly, you will also find the related item listed).

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Now all you have to do is locate the folders containing the files you want to move on the SD card. Specifically, I recommend that you move the folders containing photos, videos, documents, and music since only those usually take up the most space. For this reason, in the folders, you will need to copy only the following: DCIM (photos and videos), Documents, Downloads, and Music.

Bottom Lines

Once you have identified the folder, you want to move to the SD card, tap on the three dots next to it and then on the Move to an item from the menu that appears on the screen. You must select the SD card item from the menu at the bottom and confirm the operation by tapping the Move Here button.

If you want to move all the folders in one go, you have to press and hold on a folder you want to move, for example, DCIM, and then select the other folders. Check out this Link. Once this is done, tap on the button with the three dots at the top on the right, and from the menu that appears tap on the item Move to. The subsequent operations to follow are the same as I indicated earlier.

Move apps from internal memory to SD

After learning how to move files to an SD card, you would also like to understand how to move apps from internal storage to SD.

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Before proceeding, allow me a necessary clarification: starting from Android 9, Google has removed the possibility of using the SD card for installing apps, so now it is only possible to move a portion of the app, which usually refers to components not necessary for its startup. For example, in the case of a navigation app, you can move the downloaded map files to the SD card.

However, not all apps allow you to do this since the ability to move part of the app to the SD card is at the developer’s discretion, who can decide whether or not to include this possibility.

Since the procedure for moving apps to the SD card is different depending on the smartphone in your possession, below, I will show you how to act on the smartphones of the main Android brands.


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