Top applications in Xerox you should explore and useGENERAL 

Top applications in Xerox you should explore and use

Modernization of printing solutions has given rise to a new era of printing solutions, and businesses should grab the opportunity. Modern technology is no less than an incredible thing, and you can take your printing solutions to the next level. What is the best part of employing these printers apart from high-quality outputs? The applications are available on these devices that users can download for enhanced performance. Touchscreen interfaces in modern-day printers like Xerox can help you increase your production flow and business performance. This post will uncover top applications in Xerox you should explore and use for enhanced printing experiences. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Explorable applications in Xerox:

Xerox printers can provide high-performance applications that add value to your business and printing operations. These applications are enticing, and various industry owners can explore them to see a new phase in printing endeavors. However, you should remember that not all the applications in the gallery are free, as some may cost you good money. We have compiled a list of applications you can explore to enhance your printing operations. Let us begin without any further ado!

1. Connect for Microsoft 365:

Microsoft is a vast platform to explore, and you can find a connectivity link to this platform on your Xerox Printer. The viable application allows you to collect, store, print, and scan documents in the cloud, which are on the Microsoft platform. Besides Microsoft, various other cloud-based storage platforms can help you perform your printing actions without hindrance.

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The cloud-based storage applications allow you to connect to your business’s cloud service provider. Some of these applications are enlisted here to help you connect to the cloud and perform your printing actions.

  • Connect for Box
  • Connect for Docushare Go
  • Connect for Microsoft OneDrive
  • Connect for Evernote
  • Archibox

2. @PrintByXerox (Mobile Print):

Mobile connectivity setup with a printing device has always been a dream for printing enthusiasts, and it is possible now. With a Xerox printer in your office, you can explore the option of @PrintByXerox to take prints from your smartphone. Following are free applications that you can use once you connect your smartphone to your Xerox printer.

  • QR Code
  • @PrintByXerox
  • Touchless Access

These applications allow you to quickly connect your smartphone to the Xerox printer and print documents. Whether you opt for a QR code, touchless access, or @PrintByXerox, the smartphone-based application will always be helpful. Does the logic convince you? Why not contact Xerox rental companies in Dubai and bring one device to your office?

3. Connect for DocuSign:

Xerox application gallery is filled with your desired applications that can connect you with various platforms. Connecting for DocuSign is one feature that printing enthusiasts will love, as it is easy and convenient. Being an industry-specific application, the DocuSign app is the most special, thanks to its ability to aid business activities.

“Connect for” applications in the Xerox gallery allow you to link your service of choice to your printer and take prints. Another sweet part of this application is that it keeps you inside your daily platforms, making it easier to achieve desired results.

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4. Xerox Translate and print:

Multinational corporations often need this application to keep a good flow of their printing actions. The application eliminates all the language barriers and allows diverse work groups to sit at the same table and share documents. Nothing is complicated in the process; you just scan a document, choose a language you want to translate and have it emailed to you in the desired language.

The translate and print application cover more than 44 languages, but the facility will come at a price. If willing to pay the price, you can take your printing solutions to a global level. Furthermore, you can keep the document’s original size and shape without disturbing the template.

5. Xerox Auto-Redaction:

It is probably the most advanced application in the Xerox gallery and allows you to use AI technology in Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software. The app allows you to select personally identifiable information (PII) that the software can automatically redact in documents.

Xerox has designed this application for law firms or entities that deal with sensitive information (sending or receiving). It takes time if you manually search documents and redact information. Why not cut it short and allow this app to help your cause? Do you run a law firm that needs a secured platform for printing crucial documents? Why not contact Xerox Dubai companies and rent this modern-day printing device for your office?

Add security to the printing operations of your office!

You probably have a bulk of prints on your desktop but have you ever considered the security point? If not, you are missing out on something critical. Modern-day machines like Xerox can help you add security to your printing endeavors, and renting one is the best option. Consider contacting reliable printer rental companies and add security to your printing tasks!

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