Guide to Hire Dedicated Developers for your App Development Project

Smartphones are significant in today’s life. We use them not only to make calls and messages. More than that, its features and functionalities can expand to highly essential activities.

The key feature of any smartphone that makes it so valuable is its applications. Mobile applications are making our personal and professional activities effortless and quick.
According to Statista, the revenue of mobile applications will reach up to 613 bn U.S. dollars worldwide by 2025.

Revenue of mobile applications

In many organizations, there may be some circumstances when an in-house team is not effective enough to develop an app that addresses your goal. For that, you need to hire dedicated developers from a reputed mobile app development company. 

But who are dedicated developers, and what roles do they play? Let’s understand. 

Dedicated Developers – A Brief Intro 

A dedicated developer is a person hired for a specific time by an organization to address its development needs.

It is an outsourcing model helping businesses to address the problems with freelancers based on their time and method. 

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No matter if you are an entrepreneur, a large-scale organization owner, or a startup, in the ever-evolving technological era, mobile apps are a buzzword. A dedicated developers team is the crucial factor that leads to a successful mobile app development process. 

Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers 

|1. An in-house developers’ team may cost you more

Sourcing local talent and making an in-house team of dedicated developers to build software may cost you more. You can enhance the skills of your existing team, but it is money and time-consuming.  

Additionally, the invested money in resource development may also be useless if an in-house team asks for more wages for a developed skill-set. 

In such circumstances, offshore app development is an excellent choice.

|2. When you need particular skills

Sometimes, your in-house team does not have the skills you need to build unique app features. There may be a situation where particular app aspects need a particular developer with particular skills. 

In such cases, you can outsource the project to an offshore app development team. It saves time and money and offers many opportunities for your existing team to improve other software aspects.

|3. App development is a small-term project 

You might get in touch with a firm that is not active in the app development process or provide SaaS. There may be demand to develop certain apps for your company on a small-term basis. 

In such cases hiring a whole in-house team for the sake of short-term app development is time-consuming and needs an investment that is not worthy. At that time, you can hire an offshore dedicated development team to complete your app development project. 

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|4. Lack of time for a product launch  

At times, businesses need a short time to build a product. The dissimilarities between conceptualization and product launch may not be enough for an in-house team to finish the product development process.

In such scenarios, a development agency with a large-sized dedicated software developers team is a more suitable option especially when you may not even have the needed skills within the in-house team.  

|5. A big team is needed for the execution   

Your software product idea may be unique and complicated and needs a large-sized talent pool with uniquely skilled software engineers. Searching for these different developers and making a big team, each with a certain skill is tedious. 

To overcome this, you can outsource the app development to an offshore development company. It is an easy and highly efficient solution. 

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Outsourcing your app development project might be beneficial in a lot of ways if done correctly.

  • Time-savvy 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Ease management 
  • Access wider skill-set 
  • Years of expertise 
  • Full control 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Easy sport and maintenance 

Things to Consider while Hiring Offshore Developers 

|1. Thorough Research 

When you hire dedicated developers, they work as your development partner by valuing your time and money. They perform comprehensive research to build modern software products. 

|2. Shortlist Development Partner 

  • Check the developer’s expertise with the needed skills 
  • Culture fit 
  • Ease of doing business in the country 
  • Experience and backgrounds
  • Proven portfolio 
  • Different skills 
  • Seamless communication 
  • Valuable feedback 
  • Hourly rate 
  • Time-zone availability 

|3. Schedule an Interview 

Make sure to follow an appropriate process, perform an assessment, and select developers sensibly. If a developer/team suits your needs, schedule an interview. Following this, you can proceed with the perfect development team for your app development project. 

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|4. Hire Dedicated Offshore Development Team  

Just like an in-house team, you need to make sure that your hired developers are following the development process effectively. Focus on how a vendor executes the onboarding process of the new developers and moves faster and more effectively. 

Provide all the needed detail earlier and schedule a meeting to introduce the development team. 

In a Nutshell 

Mobile app development according to your unique needs is a tough nut to crack. You should not compromise on the app standard and quality as it will represent your business value. 

The dedicated developers have years of knowledge about mobile app development and its tactics to deliver fully-functional applications for Android or iOS platforms.  

Moreover, you can not develop an app repeatedly. It is something that stays for a long time and should be extensible. 

Hence, it is recommended to hire dedicated developers wisely for your Android or iOS app development.

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