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Can I fix my liquid-damaged iPhone? 

Liquid or water damage is a common misfortune for smartphones and gadgets that do not fix on their own. It will ruin the internal components and cause various types of destruction if the water stays inside. Liquid damage is treatable through some right actions but not 100% reliable. 

What are liquid damage symptoms in an iPhone? 

Splashing an iPhone in water and drying it out will seem like the cellphone is fine because it is “Water Resistant” It says so on its box! A quick burst-in-bubble statement, “If the iPhone is in top-notch shape or brand new, it is water resistant. If it is in use, has dropped before, or has a scratch on the screen, it is water resistant no more!” Apple technicians are familiar with the drawback. Here is a list of symptoms that prove your iPhone is water damaged. 

  • iPhone’s cameras are not working
  • It does not start up 
  • It is stuck on the Apple logo. 
  • It cannot recognize sim when inserted in 
  • It does not pick up charge 
  • iPhone burns hot/ overheats when used 
  • Display discoloration or flashes of light 

All these symptoms will appear within a week or a month after water damage. Only expert iPhone repair Middleton can save the iPhone by then. 

The Don’ts of Water Damage for iPhones 

People with gadgets are simply users, not technicians! Never try the following attempts:

  • Put water damaged iPhone in a sealed packet of rice 
  • Blow dry it with a hairdryer or heating pad
  • Place it vertically or shake it hard to get the water out 
  • Open the iPhone yourself
  • Poking tools and rice grains inside the iPhone’s Lightning or earphone port 
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All these stupid options are myths and misconceptions. Do not fall for any baking soda or salt tricks! Contact credible iPhone repair such as for professional checkups of the damage. Seeking help from Apple Store will lead you to replace the iPhone, as they do not accept water-damaged iPhones at all. 

The Ones who get Lucky! 

Water damage depends on luck too! If your iPhone has water damage only above the battery and has not reached the rest of the circuits, display screen, or internal components then the problem is solvable. Here are safe tips to dry your iPhone. 

  • Take a microfiber cloth from the car accessory section at any mart. Dry the iPhone from the outside and remove the sim card tray with its pin. The color of the port will indicate a red warning sign meaning it is water damaged. Place it on the cloth for 48 hours. 
  • Place it horizontally on a flat surface. Laptops for sale Middleton can be another problem in the case of vertical placement. 
  • Keep it in the open air or a shoebox with desiccation packets such as silica gel packets, available in shoeboxes or Amazon parcels. 

In case the iPhone is not working even after 48+ hours, an ipads for sale Middleton is the end option. Especially for iPhones, Apple techs neither provide a warranty nor water damage repair because a replacement will be a better option in such hopeless cases.

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