Kitchen Knives Set and Their LawsGENERAL 

Kitchen Knives Set and Their Laws

Our country has a law “on weapons”, which imposes certain restrictions on the carrying and use of knives belonging to the category of sharp weapons. Blades are designed to hit a live target: people or animals are recognized as such.

Accordingly, according to GOST, the specification and purpose of the knife depend on whether it belongs to melee weapons or not. The following types of ciphers are not treated as such:

1. Household

Kitchen knives set to fall into this category. In their company: sports, tourism, hunting, trekking, and other activities designed for a specific household or recreational activity.

2. Hunting

This includes knives for game cutting, skinning, and other similar tasks provided by sport and commercial hunting.

3. Decorative and souvenir items

Outwardly it resembles a melee weapon, but it does not belong in that category, as it does not meet one or more of the appearance criteria. It is used for home decoration or collection.

Let’s take a closer look at the kitchen knife set. Like all representatives of the category of household knives, they are subject to certain requirements of the Criminal Code of the American Federation. For example:

  • The tip should be at least 5mm higher than the bit line and the blade length should not exceed 18cm.
  • The blade has a curved shape and a concave bit line of at least 5 mm with a length of up to 18 cm.
  • Finger incisions or height/depth limits not exceeding 5 mm.
  • With a blade longer than 18 cm, the butt line is at least 10 cm concave (eg a kitchen knife), etc.
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The presence of at least one sign of a household knife included in the law makes it possible to exclude it from the list of edged weapons. Accordingly, if, according to GOST, the blade is indicated as a kitchen blade in the quality certificate of the knife, then there are no restrictions on its transportation and intended use.

To avoid misunderstandings and ensure you don’t violate the knife law, buy cookware from reputable manufacturers. A kitchen knife is set to undergo a multi-stage quality and conformity check and has all the necessary supporting documents.


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