Laminate Flooring Or Luxury Vinyl Flooring – How To Choose?

If you want to upgrade your home decor statement, flooring obviously comes at the top of the list. Because home flooring is what makes or breaks the overall look of your home decor statement. While talking about home flooring, you obviously want to get your hands on the one that is durable, affordable, and attractive enough to entice you to live in your home for a long period without blowing your wallet. 

Well, there are two such floors that can fulfill these requirements. Laminate and luxury vinyl are the two top favorite choices of every person when it comes to economical and sustainable home floor covering. However, the main concern is how to choose between these two out-of-the-ordinary floorings when they have the same characteristics. For that sake, we have come up with a complete guide to choosing either laminate or luxury vinyl flooring.

A Complete Guide To Choosing Laminate Flooring Or Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Here we have described some genuine points to help you out in choosing the best floor coverings for your precious living space. A go-through of this guide will lead you to get your hands on the ideal flooring, which will add an enchanting statement to the entire decor of your home interior.

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1. Explore the Variety

The appearance of any flooring is obviously the most important part to check while selecting the one for your home. If we talk about laminate flooring first, it usually gives an attractive look by allowing a realistic three-dimensional embellishment to its surface. In this way, you can create a unique and adorable look for your living space. 

Vinyl luxury flooring, on the other hand, gives the look of real hardwood flooring, which makes your home area look luxurious. It comes in various types, so you can choose any of them according to the requirements of your interior. Both floorings add an elegant touch to the beauty of your home decor statement. It depends on your mood, which type of look you want to create, and then select accordingly.

2. Good Resistant

Talking about resistance, laminate flooring does not have good resistance to water or heat. However, it is perfectly stain-resistant. It cannot be installed in moist places as this adorable flooring gets swelled and cannot be reformed after drying. Moreover, if any hot material gets dropped on its surface, laminate flooring gets damaged as it is sensitive to heat or water. 

Vinyl luxury flooring, on the other hand, is highly water-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. Thus, it is the perfect flooring option if you are looking for one that has good resistance to heat, water, or stains. This professionally manufactured flooring does not get affected by anything, thus making it a perfect choice for living areas.

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3. Budget Friendly

If you are looking for economical flooring, then there is a tie between these two exquisite home floor coverings. They both come up with almost the same affordable rates, with a slight difference. However, these two floorings are less expensive than those of hardwood or engineered hardwood floor coverings. You can easily obtain any of them based on your preferences while staying within your budget.

4. Maintenance Requirements

Laminate flooring usually requires a lot of maintenance because it can not be installed in moisture-prone areas and it cannot bear high temperatures either. Therefore, it requires a lot of care so that it can run for a long time with you. 

If we talk about luxury vinyl flooring, it does not require any specific cleaning method. The basic cleaning that you do in your routine can do the work, i.e., sweeping and mopping. Because it is water and heat-resistant, it can be installed in any area of your home and make it look admirable with its appealing appearance.

5. Highly Durable

Laminate flooring can come to the end of its lifespan if it gets exposed to water or heat. Thus, you need to take care of it a lot if you want to invest in this incredibly designed floor covering. It will run with you until or unless you do not allow water or heat to touch its surface. 

Vinyl luxury flooring, on the other hand, lasts for a long time as it is highly sustainable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. It is a perfect choice to be installed in any or every area of your home. In other words, vinyl flooring is the more appropriate option for those who are looking to invest in flooring that could make their dearest home area adorable for a long time.

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To Sum Up

Finally, I would like to suggest that you check the requirements of your home interior even after knowing all the aspects and having an idea about which is the best fit for your home space. Do not forget to check your own choice, i.e., what type of look you want to give to your place with the flooring and whether it comes within your budget or not.

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