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Looking For Thrill? Experience Thrilliest Bungee Jumping In Goa

 Don’t you ever think about falling more than 50 meters in height from the top? Yeah, it feels like such a nightmare. But think about how much thrill you can have. Goa naturally offers you such a hardcore party life, but rather than Goa gives you more excitement than you ever think. There are a bunch of watersports. Surely you can get Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and other watersports in a beach town like Goa, but don’t you think you can do Bungee Jumping in Goa? Yes, you can think of it now. If you are an adventure freak, it is an excellent opportunity to grab it now. So, what are the best places? And what is the best Time to come? Are there any restrictions on outfits or not or about the weight also? Which is more comfortable for you and which is not? All these are guided professionally by Sea Water Sports. And you will also be surprised by getting such amazing deals from them. So, it is better to look forward to knowing better. 

Best Place For Bungee Jumping in Goa

Bungee Jumping in Goa is a unique sports activity introduced a couple of years back in this little place of India. Bungee Jumping is one of Goa’s most wanted adventure activities, and this adventuristic sport will be played by maintaining all the safety measures. So, enjoy Bungee Jumping with your friends or your loved ones. Here we are discussing one of the top Bungee Jump Goa operators.

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India Bungy Goa: Indya Bungy Goa offers you the best bungee jumping experience near Anjuna beach. Anjuna’s Indya Bungy has a wide variety of services and products to fulfill the numerous desires of its customers. The workforce at this facility offers courteous and spark-off assistance, and they may be glad to reply to any questions or queries you could have. 

    There is no issue regarding payments. You can use any payment method like online payments, cash payments, everything. Indya Bungy Jump is open from 08:30 am to 9:00pm. Everyone can enjoy more than one hour of bungee jumping experience, and you guys can get free photos and videos. Sea Water Sports offers you exciting deals on Bungee jumping programs every season. So, go and grab the deal. 

Best Time to go for Bungee Jumping

Avoiding monsoons would be the best option for you, and summer would be the good one cause at that time the sky is clear. It is also best to come in winter because there is no temperature issue either, or you don’t get any bad weather. But the thing is, Goa is located on the west coast, and as we know, beach town does not have any drastic change in its temperatures from summer to winter. So, You can come between mid-October to May. 



Bungee jumping is open to everyone over ten who no longer have a scientific condition. Those under the age of 18 need to be observed by a Weight is likewise a crucial consideration in bungee jumping, with the best variety being among 35kg for him and 150kg for him.mum or dad. If unaccompanied by an adult, as a minimum, the signed consent of a discern or criminal mum or dad is needed to proceed. Guests over 18 need to convey their ID to show their age. 

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Goa bungee jumping height varies from 25 to 50 meters to seventy three meters above the ground. It approaches leaping off the pinnacle of a 15-tale building. Different peak systems may be provided separately, relying for your alternatives and the sort of revel in you want. For protection reasons, human beings with coronary heart problems, excessive blood pressure, and pregnant ladies aren’t allowed to bungee jump. People with damaged limbs, epilepsy, asthma, or tension have to keep away from this journey sport additionally.


It is better to wear a soft t-shirt or any t-shirt that gives you comfort, high-satisfactory shorts or pants while getting ready for your dive through. Do now no longer place anything in your pocket as it can be misplaced for the duration of the soar, and the operator will now no longer be held responsible. Wear closed-toe footwear inclusive of athletic footwear or floaters. 

 Avoid carrying shirts or different apparel that makes you uncomfortable or restricts your respiration, even when jumping. Also, avoid taking sunglasses, excessive heels, slippers, sandals, and jewelry.

Goa Bungee Jumping Price: 

I think it will give a few interesting facts to boost your mind, and you have grown interested in Bungee Jumping. The main thing is how much money we need to spend on bungee jumping. Sea Water Sports recommends this activity within your pocket pinch. The bungee Jumping Goa price is not more than 5000 bucks. Sea Water Sports offers an exotic deal if you choose their sports combo. It would be better for you, I guess.  

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To know more about adventure activities in Goa, call +918291917770 & visit our website www.seawatersports.com.

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