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You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried The Fried Chicken In Downey CA

When you think of chicken, you probably don’t imagine breading and frying it first to make it even more crispy, but that’s what makes this particular type of chicken so good. If you haven’t had the fried chicken Downey CA, you haven’t lived until you have! This is the second largest chain of restaurants in the Downey CA area, with three locations throughout the city and many menu items to try.

What meals does we offer?
There are a ton of tasty options at Crimson coward. They have chicken, waffles, fries, sides, sliders and dessert. If you’re looking for something on the healthier side they offer grilled chicken. They also have some light dishes to satisfy your craving without feeling like you just overindulged. They have flavors such as honey BBQ and sweet and spicy with juicy fried drumsticks that can’t be beat! There is nothing better than eating a delicious piece of crispy fried chicken while enjoying some ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day.

Can you dine-in at our restaurant
Luckily, if you happen to be in Downhill and are hankering for some FC, not only can you pick up your chicken at the drive-thru, but there’s a dine-in option. Just follow these easy steps:
1) Walk into the restaurant. 2) Sit down in any seat that you like. 3) Order from our menu of succulent fried chicken and scrumptious sides (prices vary). 4) When your order is ready, someone will bring it over to your table. 5) And then finally, enjoy!

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Do you have catering
Is your stomach growling? Do you have a bad case of the cravings? Maybe you just need to find some fried chicken fast. Well, I’m here to help because I know where to get the best fried chicken ever. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in Downey, on vacation in Vegas, or even halfway across the world in Europe (I wouldn’t recommend that!), Crimson Coward has an international network of restaurants to serve all your fried chicken needs. You can go for a classic meal with their Original Recipe or mix things up with Extra Crispy and Kentucky Grilled, which is made with soy sauce.

You can get Healthy chicken

We make sure to deliver the highest quality of food to our customers. We change our oil daily. Food is prepared in a clean, sanitized kitchen. Check our fried chicken Downey CA on Yelp for real reviews from real people that have eaten with us. You won’t be disappointed. We use fresh made buns every day and we double-bread them. All of our breads are baked fresh here at each location every day.In addition, we use only 100% whole wheat flour in all of our buns because it’s healthier than white flour and tastes better too! Visit us today.

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