Install Kali Nethunter On All AndroidsTECHNOLOGY 

Install Kali Nethunter On All Androids

Install Kali Nethunter On All Androids

Install Kali Nethunter on All Androids – Hola, this time I will give a tutorial on How to Install Kali Nethunter on All Androids. Before going to the tutorial on how to install it, it’s a good idea to discuss first what is kali nethunter.

What is nethunter and what are the functions of nethunter?
Nethunter is a chroot based on kali Linux which has been adjusted so that it can be run on android devices, its function is of course to run all the pentest tools contained in kali Linux itself using the android that we use at the time

of the release of kali nethunteronly dedicated to nexus and one plus devices, but many of the ophreakers have ported them so that devices other than Nexus and Oneplus can use kali nethunter.

I myself also installed kali nethunter using Xiaomi, and many have successfully installed kali nethunter using Samsung
Install Kali Linux Nethunter,  there are several conditions that must be met, including:

  • The device must be Rooted
  • Install busy box by meefik (required) Download
  • Use Customer (Recommended) if you want to use stock from the app
  • Use a Custom Kernel that supports Loop (Recommended)
  • Image Kali Nethunter Download by Os Here  for example nethunter-oneplus1-Lolipop-3.0
  • Roots/Es Xplorer file manager app
  • Free Storage of at least 4GB

How to Install Kali Linux Nethunter

  • Install busy box by meek
  • Extract Image Kali Nethunter
  • Go to the extracted results, open the  nethunter-oneplus1-Lolipop-3.0/data/app folder, and look for the Nethunter.apk and Nh-term.apk applications
  • Then Install the two applications, if already installed the next step is
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If the files folder has not appeared Close / force close the nethunter application, then reopen it until there is a buffer load for the installation scripts success

  • Move the files boot kali, bootkali_login, bootkali_init, bootkali_env, bootkali_bash to system/bin/here
  • or you can also move it with the terminal if you haven’t installed roots/Es explorer with the following command

mount -o remount, rw /systemln -s /data/data/ 

com.offsec.nethunter /files/scripts/boot kali /system/bind -s /data/data/ 

com.offsec.nethunter /files/scripts/bootkali_login /system/binln -s /data/data/ 

com.offsec.nethunter /files/scripts/bootkali_init /system/binln -s /data/data/ 

com.offsec.nethunter /files/scripts/bootkali_env /system/binln -s /data/data/ 

com.offsec.nethunter /files/scripts/bootkali_bash /system/bin

  • Go back to the extracted nethunter package, then go to /data/local, move the kalifs-full.tar.xz file to your internal memory
  • Open the nethunter application then select chroot manager then install chroot and select use sd card, then Nethunter will extract it, the process can take 5-15 minutes

If there is an error log when extracting, do a manual extrack, move the kalifs-full.tar.xz file to the /data/local/nhsystem/ folder here, then open a nethunter terminal then enter the following commandsu entercd /data/local/nhsystem enterbusybox tar -xJf kalifs-full.tar.xz && rm kalifs-full.tar.xz enter

  • Open the Nethunter application, select chroot manager, select ADD METAPACKAGES, then check kali-Linux-nethunter, then select install & update

  • Then the nethunter terminal will automatically open and we are already in the nethunter range
  • For How to Enter Nethunter, simply open the Nethunter terminal application  then select ANDROIDSU then type ” boot kali ” without quotes

Note: If you install kali nethunter with stockroom and the default kernel rom there are some functions that don’t work, including not being able to connect to the PostgreSQL database when running Metasploit, and for network monitor mode use an external wifi card

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