Top 5 Advantages of Spiral Bound Book PrintingEducation 

Top 5 Advantages of Spiral Bound Book Printing

Spiral bound book printing services are a popular choice for their remarkable durability, low cost, and professional style. Typically, spiral binding or coil binding uses a sturdy metal or plastic coil that’s inserted and wound through tiny holes punched along the spinal edge of the book’s pages and cover. Though the coil connects the pages and cover as an assembly, it still permits them to open freely.

Since spiral bound books let the readers flip the pages open to a full 360°, they are perfect for various use cases. From training books, workbooks, and cookbooks to custom planners, you can use spiral bound books. Apart from being user-friendly, spiral bound book printing services are customizable too. You can get them tailored to suit any theme. Whether you need colored coils or poly covers, vinyl backings, or pocket covers, you can have them all with spiral bound books.

If you’re still not sure why spiral bound book printing services are a good choice, here are the top five advantages they offer.

1.     Open Pages to a Full 360°

You can fold a spiral bound book all the way back upon itself, where it still remains flat. Thus, it facilitates easy reference and even occupies minimal space on your table or desk. This makes spiral bound book printing services well-suited for sales presentations, reports, proposals, cookbooks, directories, maintenance manuals, training documents, and instructional books.

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Usually, travel guides and Atlases are also spiral bound because it’s easy to manage them on the go. Additionally, since you can open them fully, chances are lower of missing vital information that remains buried close to the book’s spine.

2.     Ease of Turning the Pages

The pages of spiral bound books are easy toturn. They also stay put once turned. When you open these books, the pages seamlessly rotate around the coil with almost no resistance. Thus, there’s no spinal tension in the spiral bound pages, unlike other binding styles. This allows a spiral bound book’s pages to stay put without the need of holding them open to see the contents.

Several wall calendars are spiral bound due to the ease of flipping the pages quickly and the absence of spinal tension. Such binding helps them be hung flat against the wall.

3.     Can be Tailored to Fit Different Page Counts

Spiral bound book printing services use spiral coils of different diameters. This allows them to accommodate pages of varying thicknesses. So, whether you need a book with a low or high page count to be bound, you can get it done with spiral bound book printingservices. However, it’s important to remember that the more pages your book has, the larger will be its coil diameter. This is to ensure appropriate aesthetics and function.

Compared to metal coils, their plastic counterparts are more popular in spiral bound books. They offer a wider variety of color choices and resist distortion better.

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4.     Functions Well With Index Tabs

As mentioned earlier,spiral bound book printingservices let pages turn freely and stay put without requiring you to hold them open. This makes such services typically the best choice for bound projects that need tabbed page dividers.

Be it a presentation, report, or training manual, dividers with printed tabs help the users locate a particular topic or page quickly. And with a spiral bound document, you can easily flip the pages to reach the section you’re looking for. 

5.     A Binding Method that’s Readily Available

Spiral binding has extensive appeal, mainly for shorter production runs. Not sure what makes it this popular? The reason perhaps lies in it being a simple process that needs no folded signatures, adhesives, or a lengthy and complex preparation.

Additionally, the coils used by spiral bound book printingservices are often available in diverse colors and shapes to complement an extensive array of documents.

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