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A Complete Guide To Write A Blog Post              

You do remember the last time you read a blog of any kind? If not, chances are, the authors are not very good at grabbing the audience’s interest. However, if your answer is yes, there is a lot to learn from those blogs. Being a good blogger isn’t just about having nice content and basic English language skills. In today’s world, everyone out there is trying to say something, deliver a message and feel heard. Amongst all those voices, your voice might get overshadowed if you don’t use the right techniques.

If you have to write a blog urgently and on a one-time basis, you can always get help from the experts at Top Essay Writing. However, if you have been curious to know the secrets behind successful blogs, keep reading ahead.

What is a blog post?

A blog is any piece of writing that gets published in the blog section of a website or platform. A blog has to have a theme to cover a topic or query and gives the audience something to learn. A blog can be as short as 600 words or as long as more than 2000 words, depending on the topic and the audience. Apart from words, a blog can consist of images, GIFs, videos, infographics, etc.

Know The Reader

The reader can get to know a lot about you once they go through your blog. However, you need to get to know your reader as well or your blog might fail. For example, if you are writing a blog on the best buys on Amazon, your readers are going to be those people who prefer to order online. as it is obvious, online buyers are usually teenagers and young adults, coming from countries where Amazon is popular. Knowing your audience will help you give them what they want and you’ll get better engagement on your posts.

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Know The competitors

One of the best ways to learn is to notice those who are doing better than you – in this case, the competing businesses. While you might not like them for stealing the spotlight from you, you can always take inspiration from them and come up with your own unique ways to apply those strategies. The key here is to avoid simply copying because that looks tacky in the world of bloggers. However, noticing their strategies can help you come up with your own and improve your blog.

Choose Your Niche

If you haven’t already started posting any blogs, you have a huge ground of topics to explore. We prefer that you go with what you are the most passionate about and let your feelings flow through your blog. In case, you have already started posting on a particular theme, you can include multiple related themes on your blog or simply make another blog account to start posting the content. If you aren’t able to come up with good topics, try to brainstorm with a clear mind or simply have a discussion with your loved ones to come up with ideas.

Use Keywords

As a blogger, you must know the importance of using keywords in your blog posts to get them ranked above other blogs. This is important because people don’t bother to scroll down the page when they search for something, let alone click blog posts that sit quietly on the second page or beneath. While most bloggers are scrambling to adjust high-ranking keywords, you can do something smarter. Try adjusting a bunch of low-ranking keywords that have about 10 to 150 monthly searches because you won’t have to deal with competing blog posts and get engagement easily.

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Think of a good title

The title of your blog is the first glimpse of your blog post and you don’t want it to look odd or boring to the reader or they might not even click on it. The readers of this day are all about saving their time and jumping to other options if they don’t feel impressed. Hence, your title should be good enough to compel them into clicking and reading your blog post. In fact, there are certain keywords that you can also use in your title to capture more attention.

Create an outline

When writing anything that has many paragraphs, you need to work with outlines to meet the word count and lay out tons of points in an organized way. Some people also choose to write blog posts in a flow but you should leave that kind of writing for your brainstorming sessions. Working with outlines can help you present your points in an organized way while making sure each paragraph connects with one another to form a complete picture. Plus, this will help you avoid getting stuck or lost while writing your blog post and wasting your time.

Start Writing

The formula for writing blog posts is pretty simple, write an introduction, the blog content and then conclude it nicely. This sounds a lot like writing essays but here you can switch between writing the introduction and body paragraphs. This is because writing the body first will also help you write a better introduction, one that connects with the main content. The introduction of your blog post has to be as catchy and engaging as possible, so try starting with a shocking fact, a funny joke or wordplay or a question to trap readers into curiosity and interest.

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Conclude and Post

This deserves a separate mention because the conclusion of your blog posts will determine if your readers will return to your blog or not. Remember that your conclusion is equally important for setting an impressing on your readers but this one will be more lasting. Finally, when you are done concluding and proofreading your blog post, it’s time to post it but wait! Your job isn’t done there because you also need to promote your blog post to make sure enough people get to read it. So remember to use social media to your advantage and promote your blog post.


So there you go, with all this knowledge at your fingertips, you are ready to post your blogs! Writing and posting blogs requires certain techniques and once you are able to get your hands on them, nothing can stop you from succeeding! So if you have learned something from this blog, make sure to start using it In your blog posting routine. And in case you still have any confusion, you can always consult the experts at Top Essay Writing Services UK!  

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