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A Guide To The Best Dirt Bikes For Women Beginners

Women often ask me for dirt biking advice as I am a female dirt biker. From what gear I recommend for riding to what motors are best for X, Y, or Z situations, people ask me what I know or think. Here are my top picks for women just starting out on dirt bikes.

Here are the top beginner dirt bikes for women:

  • Yamaha WR250F
  • Kawasaki KLX110 (For small women)
  • Kawasaki KLX140G

The most common question I get from women who are new to dirt biking is what dirt bikes they should buy. In order to answer this question for women who do not have a female dirt biker friend, I decided to share what I know about beginner dirt bikes for women on the Internet. Here is what you need to know if you’re a woman who just discovered the awesome sport that I love, dirt biking, and you want to know what dirt bike is going to be best for you!

Here Are My Top Picks

Picking a dirt bike is difficult for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for women. A woman’s frame is usually smaller and lighter than a man’s. Because of this, women often have difficulty finding dirt bikes that are light and small enough to ride comfortably without being children’s bikes. My dad taught me dirt biking when I was a kid in Southern California, so I know the struggle on this one. I have to do a lot of research to find the right dirt bike for riders with smaller frames, being a quarter of an inch shy of 5 feet tall. Beginners also have difficulty finding dirt bikes that are easy enough to handle. Beginners shouldn’t choose a bike that is too snappy or one that is too heavy. It’s really important to find the right balance.

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Yamaha WR250F

The frame of this bike is large, and it is quite light. Those factors make it a great dirt bike for tall women who are just starting out. In terms of dirt bikes for beginners, the motor is what really makes a difference. Low speeds don’t pose a problem, so beginners shouldn’t worry! Despite its great suspension, it’s pretty easy to ride this dirt bike. Both casual and expert dirt bikers can enjoy riding this dirt bike because it is so versatile.

Having such a versatile dirt bike could potentially make it a long-term dirt bike for beginners as well as experienced riders. This dirt bike is reliable, so you can definitely trust it to survive your first ride on a dirt bike. Yamaha dirt bikes are known for their reliability, so you can’t go wrong.

Kawasaki KLX110 (For Small Women)

It is unusual for a dirt bike like this to be listed on this list, as it is usually reserved for young children. In many cases, women are really afraid of having something really powerful, so they want to dip their toes in a little. My first dirt bike would probably be a Kawasaki KLX110 if I were just starting out. First-time dirt bike riders will find this dirt bike has everything they need. KLX110s are a favorite among my youngest sister, who is just a few centimeters shorter than me. I’m always so jealous of her little dirt bike when we go dirt biking together, and I beg her to let me ride it. Small women will find this dirt bike’s seat (ha, get it? sits…) to be another great option since it’s about 27 inches off the ground.

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For small-ish women or those who are nervous to ride a dirt bike for the first time, I would highly recommend this dirt bike. You can customize and adjust this dirt bike based on your needs. This bike can be customized to fit you perfectly by modifying the motor and the whole frame. In addition to being great for women because we’re generally smaller than most dirt bikes allow, this bike also has a high resale value because the customizability of this bike keeps it a great deal more appealing to beginners who will upgrade within the first few years of dirt biking. There is also POWER on this dirt bike. For first-timers learning how to ride a dirt bike, it’s great because it has a low center of gravity. It has four gears, too, so it can go at a good clip.

Kawasaki KLX140G

Women will love this dirt bike as a beginner. The seat height is only 33.9 inches, and it has full-sized wheels. The dirt bike allows the feet to reach the ground comfortably without sacrificing power for beginner women. In addition to being lightweight, this dirt bike makes an excellent beginner womens mountain bikes It also has an electric start, which really makes it stand out. It is easy, easy, and easy to get started on electric start dirt bikes, so they are an awesome choice for beginners. The only thing you need to do is press a button to get started. This dirt bike will make your first time riding a dirt bike stress-free and easy if you’re nervous about starting a dirt bike.

A “half-clutch” feature on the clutch on this dirt bike lets the rider go slow more easily. Because of this feature, dirt bikes are absolutely perfect for beginners who are just learning how to ride because they can go at whatever pace feels comfortable to them. The smoothness of this bike is my favorite part about it. The motor does not rattle or vibrate when running, and it is quite quiet for a dirt bike. Your first time riding a dirt bike will be a breeze with this feature. My recommendation would be for a woman of average height looking for simplicity and ease on her first dirt bike.

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Choosing The Right Dirt Bike

You need to be very honest with yourself when deciding which dirt bike is right for you as a beginner. Make sure you pick a dirt bike that is suitable for your weight. Consider your height when choosing a dirt bike, and make sure you can comfortably sit on it and put at least one foot down. Decide what level of power you need for your dirt bike based on your skill level.

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Nevertheless, don’t shy away from challenges. Choose a dirt bike that you can handle as you learn, but won’t be too easy after you’ve been riding for a few years. In the end, it’s up to you to choose the bike you want. Choose something you’re comfortable with and something you like. Have fun picking one! Good luck!


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