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How to use the tablet as a graphics tablet

How to use the tablet as a graphics tablet. Recently you are becoming increasingly interested in the world of digital graphics and would like to take the next step by purchasing a graphics tablet. Unfortunately, however, you have noticed that there are many models, from the cheapest to the most expensive, and you are very indecisive since, in the end, you do not even know if you will ever use them.

You have owned a tablet for some time and would like to try to turn it into a graphics tablet, perhaps to see if it could be useful to buy a professional one. You have found several guides on the Net, but none explained how to use the tablet as a graphics tablet, right?

How to use your tablet as a graphics tablet for your PC

You often work with graphics programs on your PC and would like to be able to use the tablet as a graphics tablet, perhaps to take advantage of the touch-screen or a stylus. So let me explain how to use the tablet as a graphics tablet for PC, be it an Android tablet or an iPad.

How to use the tablet as a Windows graphics tablet

You have an Android tablet and a Windows PC and would like to try turning your tablet into a secondary screen for your PC, like a real graphics tablet. Unfortunately, however, you are not very experienced, so you have no idea how to use a tablet as a Windows graphics tablet, am I right?

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To transform your tablet into a graphics tablet, I recommend using the SuperDisplay app, available for download on the Play Store or alternative stores for devices without Google services. You also read interesting articles on my website. The app in question is free to download but can only be used for 3 days, after which it will be necessary to purchase a license at the price of 9.99 euros.

The app can be used via a USB cable and a Wi-Fi network. Still, in reality, the latter, as the company states, is a solution to be used only in case of need since the best performance is obtained via a wired connection. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a PC with Windows 10 or later (e.g., Windows 11 ).

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ADB drivers to use the tablet as a graphics tablet

Before proceeding, however, you need to install the ADB drivers on your PC and enable USB Debugging on your tablet. You can download ADB drivers directly from the XDA Developers forum, where you can download the ADB Installer executable file. Once the package has been downloaded, simply extract the .exe file inside it and double-click on it to start the installation process: answer Y (yes) to each question that is asked and wait for the procedure installation to be completed.

From your tablet, however, you need to enable USB Debugging. Check out this Link. To do this, open the Settings app, tap on the About tablet item at the bottom, and several times on the Build Number item until a warning appears announcing that you have enabled Developer Settings: enter the tablet unlock code if requested.

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Now go back to the main Settings screen, tap on the System item and then on Developer options: scroll through the various items and set the lever relating to the USB Debugging item to ON.

USB Debugging to use the tablet as a graphics tablet

Once this is done, from your PC, go to the SuperDisplay website, click on the Download Windows driver button and wait for the download to complete. Next, double-click the executable file, answer Yes to the User Account Control warning, accept the terms and conditions, click the Install button and wait for the installation to complete. If the installation of Microsoft Visual C ++ is required, allow the installation by clicking on the Install button (it is an official free component of Microsoft, therefore safe).

Well, now open the SuperDisplay app on your tablet and press the OK button and then Don’Allow from the pop-up that appears on the screen. Now, connect the USB cable from the tablet to your PC using the one found in the tablet sales package (or a compatible one). Once connected, a pop-up will appear on the tablet screen asking you to allow the USB connection via debug: set the check mark on Always allow from this computer and then press the OK button.

After a few seconds, as if by magic, your PC screen will also appear on your tablet, and you can use the touch-screen or a capacitive stylus. Now you just have to open any graphics software and start having fun with your tablet by transforming it into a real graphics tablet.



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