How to play winzo to make money online?GENERAL 

How to play winzo to make money online?

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If you want to earn money by playing games on mobile then today’s post is for you, in light of the fact that in this article we will tell you about a mobile application, through which you can earn money by playing. In over 100 games. Happen. The name of this application is WinZO, so how do we know how to earn money by playing WinZO games?Who can do without a mobile game, and if there is any benefit from playing it, then who can do without it. Actually, today we will educate you about the WinZO application, where you get more than 100 games, with which you can earn a lot of money by playing your favorite online game. You can earn up to Rs 2 crore by playing more than 70. Tomfoolery game on this Winzo application. How solid this game is, you can judge by its ubiquity. So first of all we should know about it.To learn more about satta king gaming then click here.

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What is the WinZO App?

Winzo is a respectable social gaming stage where you can play various energetic games, compete with different players and earn real money.With over 75 million subscribers and available in over 12 languages, the game is also available in Hindi. Winzo Games was established in 2016 and since then they have paid more than 200 crores as remuneration to their customers.

It has been upgraded by top YouTubers like CarryMinati. WinZO Games application is available on Google play store and Apple store, else you can also download WinZO APK from their authority site The main reason for its popularity is the strong rewards scheme which gives many easy money opportunities to the customers. Victory. It gives support all day, every day.

How to make money playing WinZO Games?

There is a basic way to earn money from winzo application, first you have to download and introduce winzo application in your mobile, after that you can earn money by playing your #1 game from the game in it.

Ways to make money with WinZO

1. Spin to win

This is the simplest and least complicated way to earn money from the Winzo application, so all you have to do is click the turn haggle turn button. This will give you Rs. 2 to Rs. Up to 1,000 bonuses are available.


In this section you will play famous games like rummy and ludo, discuss class, group games, relaxed, sports, system games, arcade, cricket, esports, action and hustling games which are available in this section.


3. World War

This section includes the most famous games like Air Pocket Shooter, Fruit Samurai and Stupid Birds, this multitude of games is only available for Android and iOS.

4. Daily puzzle

These sections are mainly for puzzle games where you stand a chance to win from 500 to 1000 INR. Each game has a different route cost.


5. WinZO . Store

 In addition, you will also find limitations of important games like Lors Mobile.

Apart from this, you can also get markdown on subscription plans for online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Netflix here.

6. Fantasy League

You must be familiar with Dream11 and My11Circle, yes you can run these applications by winzo and create your group and be the winner. There is a facility of cricket, kabaddi and football around here.

7. Winzo TV

In this part of winzo application you can collect focus by watching recording and earn money according to recording. That is, apart from diversion, there will be profit in the present as well.

8. Promotion

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In this section, you get compensated for following Winzo Games’ true friendly record as well as pushing other applications. Here you also get an option to win cashback.

9. Referral Program

If you want, aside from playing winzo games, you can likewise earn money by sharing winzo application with your companions, your companion will get 50$ and you will get 100$ credit.

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